Online Airbag Simulator To Know How Airbags Work

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Airbags are one of the pinnacles in the automotive industry. A great idea, that has been saving people all over. But what causes the airbags to inflate? Superfast air pump? NO. There’s actually some chemistry behind the steering wheels that protect you.┬áIn this article, we will checkout this online Airbag Simulator to know How Airbags work. This airbag simulator is actually a part of chemistry simulations by CK-12. In this simulation, you will get to know about the chemicals that cause airbags to inflate, and what triggers those chemicals. You will also get the know about the quantity of those chemicals used. This is a very interesting tool, specially for those who want to know the basics of airbag and how airbags work.

A short animated video is also available here related to airbags, followed by the airbag simulator. So, let us checkout this free online utility by CK-12 and decode the airbag science that has been protecting people all around the world.

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Short Video To Know How Airbags Work

As you run this airbag simulation tool, you will find an introductory video. In this video, you will get to know, how chemical reactions inflate airbag in a very short duration. There are several other things that you will get to know about airbags. Like, what triggers chemical reaction, how chemical reaction inflates airbag, and much more. Watch the video and find out for yourself.

Once the introductory video is over, you can go over to the airbag simulator.

How To Carry Out Airbag Simulation Here

This is what the simulator screen looks like. As you can see, there are three types of chemicals that have been provided for simulation. A slider lets you set the amount of chemical that you will be using. The graph above displays the volume of gas generated in simulation vs time. The box at the bottom displays the chemical reaction that takes place during expansion.

So, what you have to do here? You can randomly select any of the 3 chemicals and their amount. For different iterations, you can see which one will successfully inflate the airbag or not.

When an airbag simulation is successful, the airbag will inflate as displayed in the above screenshot.

For an unsuccessful one, the airbag will either burst to let out the extra amount of gas or will not inflate enough to provide safety. Notice the graph in the above screenshot? The volume of gas generated is too much for the airbag to handle, thus it bursts.

Try out each gas with different amounts and see what happens for yourself in this airbag simulator.

Closing Words

Well, by the end of the into video, you will know how airbags work. You will also get to know about the types of chemicals used in airbags. Pass on the information to others if you think they do not know how airbag works.

Checkout this Airbag Simulator here.

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