Get Email Notifications When Someone Star, Fork Your GitHub Repository

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GitNotifier is a free service to get email notifications when someone follows you, unfollows you, mark star and fork your repositories on GitHub. So if any of these activities happens to your repository, you will get email notifications. All it needs is a free sign up and then the service will send email notifications to the registered email address. You have the choice if you want to receive notifications daily, weekly, or ASAP.

GitHub natively supports notification feature and shows new notifications when there is a new issue, someone mentions you, makes a comment in conversation, etc. But, for that, you have to access GitHub account. Also, it doesn’t help you show notifications when someone follows/unfollows you, mark your repository as star or fork it. So to receive such notifications, this service is handy.

email notification received for github activities

In the screenshot above, you can see email notification showing who forked my repository, who starred a particular repository, and who followed me.

How to Get Email Notifications for GitHub When Someone Follows You, Star, Fork Your GitHub Repository

GitNotifier is a very simple service. You can access its homepage and then sign up for a free account. Sign in with your GitHub account and authorize this service to access your account. Once done, you can select the type of notifications and frequency to receive notifications.

Once done, you can select the type of notifications and frequency to receive notifications. You can select star, follow, unfollow, deleted, fork, and site news as the type of notifications and set ASAP, daily, or weekly as notification frequency.

select type of notifications and frequency to receive emails

Set your options and use Save button. You can change these settings any time by accessing Preferences of your GitNotifier account.

Whenever someone will follow/unfollow you on GitHub, fork your repository, etc., an email notification will be sent to you.

email notifications received

You can open that email and then see the details.

The Verdict:

I believe GitHub should provide this feature natively, though it sends email notifications for pull request reviews, pull request pushes, comment on issues, etc. So, if you need a simple solution to receive GitHub notifications when someone follows/unfollows, stars repository, etc., then I guess Git Notifier service is nice. Also, it is very easy to change set preferences and notification frequency. So everything will remain in your control. If you are a regular user of GitHub and want to receive such notifications for your GitHub account, then you should try this service.

Try this service.

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