Free Meeting Management Web App: YAM (Yet Another Meeting)

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YAM (Yet Another Meeting) is a free meeting management web app designed to help you carry out your meeting activities online. It’s a nice service that enables you to organize meetings online, collaborate with your co-workers, and update information in real-time. YAM runs in your web browser and offers seamless integration with most of the business-oriented services like LinkedIn, Outlook, and WebEx.

Yet Another Meeting is a feature-packed service that provides a flexible environment to collaborate with your co-workers and partners and exchange ideas online. It allows you to systematically create meetings, set agendas, invite people to share their views or have discussions, and use a variety of meeting tools to keep track of your meeting activities and their status.

yam interface

Organize Meetings, Share Ideas Online with Yet Another Meeting:

YAM is a beautifully designed and nicely implemented app for doing online meetings and sharing information in real-time. The service requires an easy sign-up to get started and allows you to quickly create meetings for different agendas.

yam toolbar

After you set up a free account with YAM, you can proceed with inviting people you would like to call for the meetings. This you can do by choosing the “Address Book” tab and clicking the “Invite People” link from the top right corner. YAM will send an invitation mail to the desired persons and add them to your address book, from where you can directly invite them to meetings.

To create a meeting, you can click on the “New Meeting” tab, and enter necessary details like title of the meeting, meeting objective, date, time, and duration, location, and participants.

yam create meeting

Once this is done, you can set agendas for the meetings after which each participant can freely add notes to the meeting, share their ideas, share documents, record pros and cons, or have discussions.

yam meeting

YAM displays a timer at the bottom left corner which counts the time since the start of the meeting and shows the time left in hours, minutes, and seconds. It also integrates with Evernote and allows you to send a summary of the meeting to your Evernote account.

Apart from that, YAM provides a bag full of useful meeting tools like SWOT analysis chart, Action Item tracker, cost/benefit analysis, priorities analysis, product analysis, whiteboard, etc. You can use any of them to analyze the whole meeting and its current status.

yam tools

YAM also allows you to set up access items which are visible to all participants of a meeting or use the built-in calender to keep track of all your scheduled meetings.

yam calender

Key Features of this Free Meeting Management App:

  • Meeting Management app for online meetings.
  • Allows you to organize meetings, set agendas, and collaborate with people to share or discuss important things.yam write notes
  • Can create a cycle of up to 10 meetings every 30 days.
  • Completely browser-based.
  • Captures and update information in real-time.
  • Comment on or edit contents of a meeting.
  • Timer displaying time left in the current meeting.
  • Option to create work groups for participants.
  • Availability of a variety of useful meeting analysis tools like SWOT chart, Action Time tracker, Pro-con lists, whiteboard, etc.
  • Tracks action items created during meetings.
  • Integrated with services like Evernote, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Skype, Outlook, WebEx, etc.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to use.
  • Completely free.

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The Final Verdict:

YAM is a nice free meeting management app and is useful for professionals who attend meetings on regular basis. It’s easy to use, captures information in real time, and provides flexible environment to exchange business ideas. YAM is completely free for now, but since it is in its beta phase of development, there may be chances that the service become paid later on. Till that time, feel free to enjoy its benefits.

Click here to check out YAM (Yet Another Meeting).

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