Free Lead Finder For Web Developers with Website Analysis: Cloudaro

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Cloudaro is a free lead finder for web developers with website analysis. It takes a location from you and shows you a list of business with their websites and contact details. One of the best parts is that it automatically analyzes the websites of those businesses and shows you a report about what’s wrong. Later you can pitch those people for web design development and make business grow.

The free plan of Cloudaro is limited as you are only allowed to have 2 searches per week that can yield up to 250 leads only. Also, the free plan omits the phone number and email address from the list of businesses that it produces. You will only get website URL, limited analysis report, and business name. Later, you will have to manually find the contact number from LinkedIn or by visiting the main website.

Apart from searching lead, it has a dedicated section for pre-loaded leads. Basically it keeps the log of searches made on free accounts can be publicly viewed. In the preloaded leads, you can see for which location they were made and if they are from the same location you need leads for, then just open any one of them.

Lead Finder For Web Developers with Website Analysis Cloudaro

Free Lead Finder For Web Developers with Website Analysis: Cloudaro

Just go to the main Cloudaro website and then sign up for a free account. Next, you just start using it right away. Every week, you will get 2 free credits and can use them to search for leads. The interface is simple and then you can just enter a location in the search box and then find the leads from that location.

Search leads enter location

For a new search, it will take a few minutes to process the data. It will look for businesses and will fetch their details for you. Also, it will run websites analysis on their websites to include status in the lead results.

searching leads

Finally, you can view leads data with business names and website URLs. Other data is blurred out, as this is a limitation of the free plan of this lead finder tool.

cloudaro leads data

You can expand the entries in the leads table. There is a result of the website analysis. If there are some errors on those websites, then you will know it. However, the free plan limits the website analysis report as well. To view the full report, you will have to get one of those paid tiers.

cloudaro website analysis result

There is a dedicated section for pre-loaded leads. The leads data obtained from searches made by other people in free plan is publicly available. And you can see that in this section. The searches for different locations are displayed here and if you want to see the leads then just click on anyone of them. The same limits of the free plan will apply here as well.

cloudaro preloaded leads

In this way, you can use this simple online lead finder tool to find leads for web development work. All you have to do is just make a search for a location and it will show all the relevant data. Simple as that.

Final words:

If you are looking for an automated lead finder for clients looking for web development, then you are at the right place. Use the tool mentioned here, and I am fairly certain that it will not disappoint you. The data in the free plan is limited but if you want  to access all the leads data then you can try paid tier as well.

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