Free Self Hosted Reddit Posts Scheduler: Sheddit

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Sheddit is a self-hosted Reddit posts scheduler you can use. You can run it locally and then simply schedule posts by making simple POST requests from your terminal. There is a UI also included for simplicity that you can use for the same but that has some issues for now. With this, you can schedule multiple posts, a single post in multiple subreddits with ease. The best part is that it works with Twitter as well. All you have to do is POST the data to an exposed endpoint and it will simply take care of the rest. The included desktop client works on Windows and MAC and you can easily use it to schedule any number of posts.

There are not so many free Reddit schedulers out there which can be used for free. But Sheddit here is I think the best one I have ever come across. Here you just need to install it locally or configure it on a VPS and then you can simply star using it. After that, you only have to make a simple request to schedule a post and then you are simply done. It works with Twitter too and to make it work, you just need to provide the correct access tokens and secrets. It works perfectly on a server and on a local computer as well.

Using this Self Hosted Reddit Posts Scheduler: Sheddit

This open-source Reddit scheduler is written using Go and you will need that in order to run it. Next, you have to make sure that GOPATH is set and then you can begin with the installation. The first thing you’ve to do is clone the Sheddit repository from here to any location on PC. You have to make sure that you have “godotenv” installed. If it doesn’t then install it by running the following command.

go get

Now, you have to create a “.env” file in the Sheddit folder with the following information. Now, in order to get the “clientid” and “clientsecret” you have to create a Reddit app here. Give your app a name, specify the type as script and then you can simply save it. Copy the secret and app id from there and paste that in the “.env” file.

Sheddit env and reddit app

Now, it is time to run it. Open the terminal in the root of the “Sheddit” folder and then run the following command. This command will start the server and then you can simply see the request log on the CLI interface.

godotenv -f .env go run main.go

Sheddit run

To post a status on Reddit, you have to POST JSON data in the following format. If you want to post it to multiple subreddits then specify multiple subreddits in the key.

"subreddits": "learnpython",
"title": "My first GUI application ",
"link": "https://xyz",
"scheduledate": "2020-04-04T12:17:26.003338+05:30,

Now, you just make a POST request to the local endpoint and then you are simply done. If you receive the “OK” response then it means your post has been scheduled in the database.

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
--request POST \
--data '{"subreddits": "HolUp","title": "YouTitle ","link": "LinkYouWanttoPost","scheduledate": "DateTimeInISOFormat","provider":"reddit"}' \

Sheddit schedule request

You can query the database to see the status of scheduled posts there. For that, you can make the cURL request like this or paste the URL in the address bar of the browser. It will show all the posts which are in the database on JSON format. You can see that in the screenshot below.

curl http://localhost:7009/getallschedules

Sheddit in action

In this way, you can use Sheddit to schedule Reddit posts for free. You can deploy it on a server that you own or you can simply run it locally if you want to. Or there is a desktop client for it that you can download from here. The desktop client works on Windows and MAC.

Final words:

If you need a free Reddit scheduler for your posts then try Sheddit. I like the simplicity of the tool and you just have to configure it one. It is very fast and gets the job done painlessly. You can schedule links and text posts both. However, do remember that in case if Reddit, you cannot specify text and link field both.

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