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uProtect.it is free Facebook managing software that allows you to protect your status updates from anyone you do not want to see it. You may have people in your friend list that you really do not want to know what you are doing. You can use this free Facebook status encrypting application to cover it up. Basically people will see a message that says that they can only see it with your permission. You can then take comfort updating your status by knowing that only the eyes you want will see it.

Update (3-Sep-2012): This website doesn’t seems to be working anymore.

There may be some status updates that you only want certain people to see. You could be having a party or get together at your home. You probably do not want it to get out of control and you want to invite some of your friends from Facebook. Your status could simply say come to the house to watch the game tonight, and can ignite a chain reaction of people inviting each other and planning car pools. To keep way too many people from showing up then you can encrypt your messages and only let the people you want to see it come to the party. And you can do it easily with this free Facebook managing application.


It can be fun to use this free Facebook application as a way to send private messages to your friends. This is something that people enjoy doing is sharing secrets in an obvious way. Another way you can use this free Facebook application is to share pictures with family and friends. For example, you may not want every one of your contacts to see pictures from your children’s birthday parties.

To use this application you will obtain the app from the website and then activate it on your Facebook page. When you post your comment it will be encrypted where only the people you want to see it will have access to it. It will also allow you to keep photos private

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Features of uProtect.it:

Permission Settings: It is very easy to set up who can see your protected material. You can change these settings at any point, and change the way you hide your messages or pictures.

Customize Your Posts to Expire: If you only want your encrypted message to stay up for a certain amount of time, then you can control that too. You can set a date for it to expire and forget about it. You can permanently delete these status updates and pictures manually as well.

Picture Protection: You can encrypt your pictures with this program as well. There are some private photos that you may not want your business contacts to see. This ensures that this is not something that happens. You do not want to be the topic of the water cooler from a picture of you opening your birthday presents with sleep still in your eyes.

Try uProtect.it and protect and manage your Facebook account in a smart way

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