Free Software to Run Multiple Command Line Tasks from One Place

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Ten Hands is a free software to run multiple command line tasks from one place. In this software, you can add different projects with corresponding commands and then save them. Advantage is that you will not have to open multiple terminal windows to run some commands. In just one click, it lets you execute any command from any project and then you can stop that in one click too. Here you can create as many projects as you want and specify the commands you want to execute. The interface is very simple and you can use it anytime you want.

Sometimes if you want to run or use multiple CLI apps to run some tasks then you generally end up opening a lot of Windows. Even though there are some terminal emulators with tabs but they don’t remember your last projects. But if you repeatedly have to run some commands in project of yours then Ten Hands software is for you. You just add projects in it no matter if they are written in Nodejs or in any other programming language, it can handle them all. All it takes is the location of project and command to be executed.

Free Software to Run Multiple Command Line Tasks from One Place

Using this Software to Run Multiple Command Line Tasks from One Place?

Ten Hands is an open source tool and can be used on almost any platform. Download this tool from here and then install it on your PC. Next, you open it and then simply start adding your projects. When you first run it, its blank interface will show up like in this screenshot.

Ten Hands interface

The first thing you have to do is create a project. While creating a project, you will need to provide its path in system and target command to run. You can create multiple projects in this way and then save them all in the software. Later if you want then you can remove projects from the tool as well.

10 hands add a project

Now, when you have added all the projects, you can now use this tool to run things. Now whenever you want to run some CLI task, just go to a project and run it. There is a play button that you can hit and start command line task. There is a terminal there where you can see the output of the command, however that is not interactive one. You can see the screenshot below.

10 Hands in action

In this way, you can use this free software to manage all command line tasks from one place. You just add them in this tool and then simply execute them whenever you want. You can see the command output there for each project but if you want to hide it then you can do that. Also, there is a button to stop current task as well. When you want to stop a task, just use that and you are good to go.

Final thoughts

If you often work with multiple command line tools or projects then this is the tool for you. Without having so many windows on the desktop, you can easily execute any command line task or command. The best part is that you can add unlimited projects and you can change them whenever you want to.

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