Imgur Melee: Get Memes, Clips, Reviews of Video Games on your Phone

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In this blog post, I’m going to cover Imgur Melee app to get memes, clips, reviews of video games on your phone. Imgur launches this new Melee app using which you can watch gaming highlights.

Melee app plays a major role in updating the latest reviews, memes, clips, etc., of your favorite games. It is a perfect micro-community where you can stay updated with the latest news on games. The app lets you follow top gamers, discuss your favorite games, share your gameplay, and more. Let’s explore what all fun things are there in the app.

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get latest updates on your favorite games

Imgur Melee: Get Memes, Clips, Reviews of Video Games on your Phone

To stay updated with the latest game reviews, you can download Melee from the App Store. Melee launched by Imgur is the micro-community of the gaming world.

Once the app is installed, it requires you to sign up via Facebook, Email, Twitch, or continue with your Apple Id. After this, you will have to set a username for yourself. You can create a username and go ahead.

Besides username, the app lets you choose an avatar. There are 32 avatars you can choose from. Pick a cute or devil looking dragon avatar.

Since the app has the main role to update you the latest game news so you need to enable notifications. After you allow notifications, you will the popular games on the homepage.

follow the top games and gamers

Here, you can follow games or top gamers. Doing so, you will be notified whenever the latest news is posted by the community.

You can join the community as well and stay updated with the gaming highlights, videos, and memes of your favorite games.

You can see updates by trending posts or by game categories. There are games like League of Legends, Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, Star Citizen, Rust, Roblox, etc. You can also use the search bar to find more games and add in your following list to stay updated.

If you want to create your own post to share, you can do that too. Just tap on the Yellow (+) icon on the bottom right. Then, you can add media, text, caption, etc., to publish the post.

In brief

Melee by Imgur is a great app to gather all the latest reviews on your favorite games. You will find a number of games and gamers to follow. Those who you follow will allow you to see their posts. This is a simple way to get notifications on the latest memes, videos and all the updates on your games in just one place Melee.

Download Imgur Melee.

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