Best Websites For Free DNS Monitoring With Notification

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This article covers Best Websites For Free DNS Monitoring With Notification. All the websites covered here monitor the Domain Name Server records of the website you set for DNS Monitoring. In case of any changes in DNS records, they notify you via emails. This article also explains how to monitor DNS for free with these websites.

These DNS Monitoring services test the connectivity between your authoritative name servers and local recursive servers using network monitoring tools. You can read more about DNS monitoring here.

Check your DNS Propagation status with these free DNS Propagation Checkers. And, you can follow this tutorial to find which DNS Server is fastest for you.

DNS Check

DNS Check is a website which provides free DNS Monitoring tools. Here, you can monitor up to 10 DNS record as a free user. To monitor DNS, you have to create an account on After creating an account, go to Home -> DNS Check, and click “Add DNS Record Group” and create a new DNS Record Group. You also have options to make your group public, and for enabling notification for that group. Then, click-open the group you just created and click “Add DNS Record” to add a record in the group. You can create following DNS records for free DNS Monitoring here:

  • A record
  • AAAA record
  • CNAME record
  • MX record
  • NS record
  • PTR record
  • TXT record
  • ALIAS record
  • SOA record
  • SRV record
  • SPF record

DNS Check: free dns monitoring

Select a DNS record you want to create and enter the domain name along with its IP address. You have to enter other additional information depending on which DNS record you are creating.

You can access your DNS records anytime by clicking on DNS Check under your profile. Here, you can edit your DNS records and Record Group for making any changes. It also has options to import and export your DNS records to Zone file.

DNS Check: dns monitoring

DNS Check keeps the history of your records. You can view the entire history of any DNS record by clicking on that DNS record and selecting History. If there are any changes in the DNS Monitoring record you created, DNS Check notifies you by sending emails.

DNS Check: monitor dns

Start Free DNS Monitoring for any website with DNSCheck here.

Domain Monitor

Domain Monitor offers different types of online tools including Network Tools, Domain Tools, Security and Privacy Tools, and more. You can use their Online Domain Monitor tool for free DNS Monitoring. Lets see how to monitor DNS using this web app. To use this tool, you need a Domain Monitor account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free.

Domain Monitor: dns check

To start DNS Monitoring, login to your Domain Monitor account and select Online Domain Monitor tool. In this tool, enter the domain name you want to monitor and tick Name Servers check box. Click Add Notification button and select your user account and enter your email address to enable DNS Monitoring notification via email.

Domain Monitor: domain monitoring

You can access all your domain monitors under Your Monitors section in this same tool. As a free user, you can add up to 5 Domain Monitors here.

Start Monitoring DNS with Domain Monitor here.

Ultra Tools

Ultra Tools is a website by Neustar which has free DNS Monitoring and other DNS Tools. To start DNS Monitoring with Ultra Tools, create an account or login if you already have one. After doing that, go to Monitoring -> Authoritative DNS Monitoring from Ultra Tools‘s homepage.

Ultra Tools: dns monitoring notification

Here, you can add a domain for free DNS Monitoring by clicking on “+Add” button. Do tick the “Notify me” checkbox to enable DNS Monitoring Notification via email.

Ultra Tools: free dns monitoring

You can view all past DNS Monitor Reports of a domain you added for monitoring. Ultra Tools allows you to add up to 10 domains for free DNS Monitoring.

You can try out Ultra Tools here.

Visual Ping

Visual Ping is another website for DNS monitoring of a domain for free. You don’t get any actual domain monitoring tool here, instead, it has visual monitoring tool. You can add a URL to any webpage and select a specific section for monitoring. If there will be any changes to that section, it will notify you by sending an email.

Visual Ping: domain monitoring

To use Visual Ping for domain monitoring, perform a Domain NS Check on any free website (e.g.,, etc.). Then, use that URL in Visual Ping for monitoring visual changes.

Visual Ping can detect both, visual change and web (HTML) change. You can select any of them for your domain monitoring. You can change the checking interval time between 5 minutes to a week. Under “Advanced” options, you can adjust the screenshot capture/web capture delay, set the “connecting from” location, and level of change for notification.

Visual Ping: free dns monitoring

Like other DNS Monitoring websites in this list, you can check all the reports in the dashboard section of your Visual Ping account. As a free user, you get 2 checks per day; you have to subscribe to any of their premium pack to go beyond that limit.

Give it Visual Ping a try here.

Closing Words

All these free DNS Monitoring websites do their job well. All of them notify immediately when they notice any changing in DNS via emails. Try them out and tell us which one you liked.

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