5 Online Tools To Find Frequency of Each Word In A Document

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Here is a list of 5 free online tools to find the frequency of each word in a document. You can use any of these tools to check how many times a particular word has occurred in your document. You can paste the text content of your document and then get the results. One of these tools also support feature to directly upload a Word, TXT, PDF, ePUB, Excel, or HTML file.

Although there are many word count tools available but those are used to check how many total words are present in your document. If you want to check the frequency of words in a document, then you need to use the tools listed in this article.

Apart from counting word frequency, there are some unique features also available in these tools. For example, you can include/exclude stop words, save the output as CSV, view word density (in percentage), total number of characters, etc.

Let’s start with the first tool.

Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

keyword density analyzer tool

Keyword Density Analyzer is a feature rich and very useful tool to find the frequency of every word in a document. For each individual word, it shows the total count as well as word density. One of the best features of this word frequency tool is that you can set minimum word length and minimum occurrences to find the word frequency. Also, you can include/exclude page title of the document, meta tag keywords, meta tag description, add custom stop words or stop word list of this tool, and more. Thus, you can make search more specific and check the word frequency in your document.

A unique feature that you won’t find in other tools is that you can save the output as CSV file. This will help you download word frequency of each word in your document.

Apart from finding the frequency for individual words, it also shows the total frequency for 2 word phrases and 3 word phrases. By default, this tool ignores hashtags and words that contain numbers, but if there are hashtags and words with numbers available in your document, then you can manually enter those words. You can add URL of an online text file, an HTML file, or simply paste the plain text. In the results summary, it also shows the total word count and unique words. This is one of best options available to find the frequency of each individual word of a document.

Online Word Counter

Online Word Counter

The second best tool in this list to find word frequency in a document is Online Word Counter tool. Its unique feature is that you can upload a PDF, Word, TXT, ePub, Excel, or HTML file to check the word frequency in a document. It takes time to load the input file, but then you will be able to quickly check how many times a word has occurred in your document. Option to paste text content is also present in this tool. For every single word, it also provides word density in percentage.

Apart from this, it also shows other information in results. It lets you see the total number of characters, words, sentences, punctuation, paragraphs, and lines available in the input text.

Before generating the results, you can also use options to exclude stop words (supported languages are English, Japanese, Portuguese, Hindi, Greek, Russian, French, etc.), switch text to UPPERCASE, lower case, original text, remove tags, etc. Also, you can use this tool as file converter because the input text or documented can be saved to PC as ePUB, Word, TXT, PDF, and FB2 file. So, pretty good features are present in this tool.

Text Analyzer Tool

Text Analyzer Tool

Text Analyzer tool is also a good choice to find word frequency in a document. You will be able to see the total occurrences of a word and percentage of that word in the whole document. Apart from showing the frequency of a single word, it also generates similar results for top 2 word phrases, 3 words phrases, and 4 words phrases.

The output also generates a summary which includes: the total number of characters (including spaces), words, lexical density, sentences, etc. Keyword Density Analyzer tool is comparatively better than this tool, but this website is also pretty good at finding number of occurrences of each word in a doc.

To use this tool, you can either paste the entire text from your file, or provide URL of an online file.

Word Counter

Word Counter tool homepage and its report

Word Counter is another important tool here to find word frequency of the text in a document. It checks the text content of your document to find primary keywords and common keywords (the, and, this, etc.). After that, the list of those words and their frequency is visible in a table. The table has four columns: Primary keywords, Frequency, Common Words, and Frequency. The words and their frequency are shown in those columns by this tool. You can also Exclude common words before generating the result.

Using this tool is also very easy. Just copy and paste the text content, enable/disable the option to Exclude common words from word frequency count, and press COUNT WORDS button to generate the result.

Word Frequency Counter

Word Frequency Counter Tool

Word Frequency Counter is a very simple tool. It does what it should do but there are no options to customize. You first paste the text of a document and then Submit the input to get the results. In results, the words are visible in an order (one word per line). A word with the higher frequency is placed on the top and then other words are placed accordingly. With each word, it shows count of how many times the word appeared in the document.

This tool doesn’t show the keyword density (in percentage), doesn’t give option to choose words longer than a specific word length, minimum occurrence, etc. So, if you need a very simple or a basic tool that can show frequency of words in a document, then this tool can be a good option.

The Verdict:

It is quite clear that Keyword Density Analyzer tool is the best among all these tools. Therefore, I have placed it in #1 position. However, it is also true that rest of the tools are also good to find word frequency in a document. Still, based on features, I will go with Keyword Density Analyzer tool.

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