3 Online Gable Roof Framing Calculator Free Websites

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This list covers 3 free online gable roof framing calculator websites. A gable roof framing includes ridge board, common rafters, gable wall top plate, center gable stud, etc., and gable roof has two parts which slope downwards in two directions. Using these websites, you can check the number of rafters, ridges, and other material needed (based on the output provided by website) for gable roof framing.

These websites have other useful features also. For example, one website lets you save the calculation online for later use, generate the gable roof frame graph based on the input values and change graph angle and slope, enter rafter spacing type (exact or equal spacing), and more.

Let’s check these free gable roof framing websites one by one.


Blocklayer gable roof framing calculator website

Blocklayer comes with a very useful gable roof framing calculator. Here is its link. It comes with a lot of input fields so that you can have a better output for gable roof framing. You can add:

  • Wall length.
  • Roof angle.
  • Ridge depth.
  • Rafter thickness.
  • Extend ridge or uncheck this option.
  • Rafter spacing.
  • Wall width.
  • Overhang level.
  • Rafter spacing type (equal or exact).
  • Birdsmouth seat, etc.

Fill the field values and use the Calculate button. Here, the best part is it also provides the suggestions to have a meaningful output. It will also show a graph to help you understand about structure and gable roof frame. Based on the calculation, it will show the number of ridge and rafters needed for a gable roof. It also lets you adjust the angle and scale for gable roof and preview the output roof frame in a graph quickly.

Your calculation can also be saved online which is another benefit of this website. All its features make it a strong competitor to other gable roof framing calculator websites.


kalk.pro website

Kalk.pro is also a good option for gable roof framing calculation. It lets you check the drawing sizes of the rafters of a shed roof, the distance between rafters, drawing sheathing shed roof, etc. For each of these options, a graph is also visible. You can also view the ground, rafters, sheathing, hard roof, and other things in the graph in 3D view.

You can set units (in cm, mm, inch, etc.), color scheme (color or black and white), type of roof (soft or hard), roof height, overhang value, house width, wall height and thickness, rafter width, thickness, sheathing thickness, and width, etc. After that, you can use the Calculate button, and get the results. The results will show materials for construction, roof details, and more.

The option to download the drawing as PDF, OBJ, PNG, etc., is also there, but it is available in the pro plan. The free plan is good enough for calculating the gable roof frame.

Roof Pitch Calculator

roof pitch calculator

Roof Pitch Calculator doesn’t help you generating the gable roof frame directly, but it is handy to check roof slope, length, angle, and roof pitch. All these outputs can come in handy for gable roof framing.

You can enter input details which include the rise and run (in inches) and then it will generate the output. You can check roof slope, roof length, angle, and pitch. That’s all you can do with this basic roof calculator.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list which has some good gable roof framing calculator websites. Among all these websites, the first website is definitely more useful than others. It lets you enter a lot of input details based on which the output comes good as expected. You may also share some other online gable roof framing calculator and we’ll try to cover it on this list.

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