Best Online Blood Type Calculator Websites To Determine Blood Type Of Child

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Here in this article I will tell you about some of the best online blood type calculator websites. Using these websites, you can determine blood type of a child based on the blood types of parents. All you need to do is select the blood type of parents, select the blood Rh as positive or negative. After that these tools show the probable blood types of the child. Some just show the probable blood types, while some show the percentage of the probable blood types. A couple of these tools also let you determine the blood type of a parent based on child’s and other parent’s blood type.

Let us quickly go through these blood type calculator websites and see how they work. Along with screenshots, you will also get to know what type of output these websites provide. This article will help you select a tool which suits your needs the most.

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Here Are The Best Blood Type Calculator Websites:

The Calculator

Blood Type Calculator by The Caculator is a simple to use web application that lets you determine blood group of a child based on parents’ blood types. There are different sections to select the Blood type and RH of both parents. The first drop down lets you select blood type from O, A, B, and AB. From second dropdown, you can select RH type as positive or negative. Hit Calculate after selecting parents blood type. The possible blood types of child are displayed.

The probability of blood types is not displayed. If you want to check the probability of blood type you can checkout the next tool.

You can access this blood type calculator by The Calculator here.


ENDMEMO has a blood type calculator that lets you determine a child’s blood group. Along with the possible blood groups, it also shows the probability of possible blood groups and RH factor.

For calculation, select the blood types of mother and father along with RH. After that, click on the Calculate button. As you can see, there are different sections for the blood types. For the probable blood types, this calculator shows the chance in percentage. Percentages for + or – RH are also displayed.

Access this blood type calculator here.


This tool from CalcuWorld also lets you determine the probable blood types of a child in percentage. Again, select the blood types of mother and father, select the blood RH type, then hit Calculate button. The probability of blood types for A, B, AB, and O types are calculated and displayed. It also shows the most probable blood type.

Access this web application here.

The Biology Project

This tool to determine blood type of child comes under The Biology Project of The University of Arizona. As you open this tool, you get two options to find Possible blood types of child and Possible blood types for a parent. To determine a child’s blood type, click on the first option. Here, you can select the blood types and RH of both parents. After that, you can calculate the probable blood types of child. The blood types are displayed, but without the percentage of probability.

Access this tool here.

Find Your Blood Group

Find Your Blood Group from Medindia¬†also lets you determine child’s probable blood type, but without percentage. From the drop downs, select the blood group and RH of Mother and Father. Submit after that to calculate the blood type. When calculation is done, the probable blood types of child are displayed.

Access Find Your Blood Group here.

Wrap Up

Here were some of the best online tools out there that let you determine the blood type of a child based on blood types of parents’ blood types and RH factors.

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