Learn How To Remember Names With These Free Android Apps

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This article talks about 4 free Android apps to help you remember names.

Do you have trouble remembering names? Remembering names can be hard for some people. But, thanks to these free Android apps that can help you remember names.

With the help of these Android apps, you can easily remember names. One of these apps teaches you various brain hacks to remember the names. Whereas, others let you create profiles along with tags and note to remind names. One app also provides an easy solution to remember names and faces in big organizations and businesses. Let’s check out these apps one by one.

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4 Free Android Apps To Help You Remember Names:

Name Skillz

remember names with this Android app

Name Skillz is a free Android app that teaches how to remember names using reference flashcards. Initially, this app takes you through a series of lessons and quizzes where it tells you brain hacks for remembering names. In those hacks, it tells you to either use a picture or a reference to easily remember names. For example, to easily remember the name “Mona”, you can associate it with “Mona Lisa”, “Rob” to “robe”, and so on. Once you finish the lessons, you can practice names and references using flashcards. Each practice session teaches you 10 names and their relevant references. This app also offers a practice meeting where you can meet a virtual group of people and try to remember their names. This app is not yet globally released but you can install the “Unreleased” version from Google Play Store.

You can download this Android app to remember names here.

Remember Names

learn how to remember names with this Android app

Remember Names is a simple Android app which you can use to remember the names. This app lets you save the names along with a tag and other additional information which you can use for the reference.  Initially, this app shows you a blank page with a “+” icon present at the bottom right corner. With this button, you can add a new profile to this app. In a profile, you can enter a name, add a photo, assign tags, a specialty of the person, and more description information. This way, in this app, you can create a profile of a person you want to remember.

Download this Remember Names Android app here.


remember names with this free Android apps

Tibbits is another free Android app that helps to remember the names by creating a record. Remember Names and Tibbits are very similar in terms of functionalities. Just like Remember Names, you can create profiles to easily remember names. While creating a profile, you can add custom tags and assign them to the person. Along with that, you can also add additional notes to remember the specialty, reference, or anything about the person. When you add a person to this app, it shows you the person’s name on the main screen along with the tags and notes.

Here is the link to download this Android app to remember names.

Names & Faces

free Android apps to help you remember names

Names & Faces is a free Android app designed to help remind names for businesses and organizations. In this app, you can add your group, company, or organization and easily access the names using various categories and filters. To add your data on this app, try the demo. In the demo, click the three dot icon and choose the option to add your data. This option asks you to enter your email ID where it will send you a link to enter your data in the database. Using that link, you can import your contact from CSV file, add photos and other additional information. Once verified, you can access all the contact names in this app.

You can download this names and faces remember Android app here.

Closing Words:

These are the 4 free Android apps that help you remember names. Name Skillz offers some really effective ways to help you remember names. Try them out yourself and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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