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Votre is an online service which behaves like a diary and helps you remember names of people by writing about them. In this, you can make a list of people you want to remember and write stuff about them on daily basis as you interact with them. This tool lets you write stuff date wise on its website and you can mention people in your note. Not only that, in the list of people, you can add their picture, their birthday, a description about them, and what are their interests, gift ideas for them, etc. like details. In the note, if you click on any name you have mentioned in your note, you will be redirected to their profile that you have created.

Votre is helpful for people who like to know about people around them. It is useful if you are moving to college, new school, or a new company. You can simply write about the people you met and their small details. The tool is very simple and lets you use markdown text format to write and save your note. And it shows the main events on the calendar like birthdays of people who are on your list. You can navigate to any date to read your notes and see information about the people you have mentioned.

Remember Names of People by Writing About Them in Online Diary votre

How to Remember Names of People by Writing About Them in Online Diary?

Votre is quite a unique tool to remember names of people by writing about them. You can write about a simple incident, eye contacts, favors, and other stuff. The note you type in Votre gets saved automatically. And in your note, you can mention people in the same way you mention on Facebook (using “@”). However, to mention people, they must be on your list you have made in Votre. Apart from making the list of people in Votre, you can also add questions to it.

There is a simple registration process to use Votre. And once you have registered yourself successfully, you can start using this tool. And these few steps will help you.

Step 1: The first task is to create the list of people you want to remember. Go to the books section on the dashboard and start adding the names of people one by one. After you have added the names, you can add further details about them.

votre add people

Step 2: Now you can add the details about the people whose names you have added. From the list, click on any name and it will take you to a new page where you can enter their details like photo, description, birthday, and their gift preferences.

votre profile of people

Step 3: Now is the time to start writing the notes. In the editor that you see on its dashboard, go the current date and start writing. You can use markdown text to write notes. Also, you can use other features like mentioning people, adding questions. The editor of Votre supports undo and redo options.

votre note

Step 4: Now, when you have created the note in Votre, it will save that automatically. To see the note, click on the date on the calendar and then you will see the note you have written. In the note, if you mentioned names of some people, then you can click on them. And after clicking on the name, it will take you to the profile page of that person and you will see the information that you wrote about him/her earlier.

votre note in view mode

These steps will help you use and Votre to remember names of people by writing about them. This is a very nice and unique tool which is quite handy for people who often meet a lot of people every day. However, this is still in beta but the developer will launch it soon with some other amazing features.

Final Thoughts

Votre is a very nice online tool to remember names of people by writing about them in online diary. This is quite a helpful tool and if you find it difficult to remember names, then you can use it. Also, I really like the fact about this that you can add some really useful information about people you want to remember.

Try Votre here.

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