10 Free Online Bar Chart Maker

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Here you will learn about 10 free online bar chart maker. They can be used to easily create some stunning bar charts with your own custom data sets. You can simply open these bar chart makers, enter your data, customize the appearance, and you will have the bar chart ready to be viewed and downloaded. All these websites allow you to manually enter datasets, but some have additional option to import existing data from CSV or Excel files. The customization options provided by these websites are quite useful and impressive.

Some of them even provide beautiful pre-defined bar chart templates which you can simply select and customize to make your own bar charts. After you’re done creating a bar chart, you can preview it online and also download as a PNG, PDF, JPG, or SVG file. Ultimately, they provide a one-stop solution for making bar charts online.

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Let’s get started with the bar chart makers.

LiveGAP Charts:

LiveGAP Charts is probably the best online bar chart maker which you can use to create bar charts for free. It provides 15 stunning pre-defined templates which you can customize to create your own bar charts. After you choose a template, you can proceed to select the default data on the bar chart and replace them with your own data sets. The data can be changed at the bottom of the editor. You will see all the customization options on the right panel like inGraph data, segment, colors, scale, and so on.

One of the unique features of this bar chart maker is that it lets you animate your charts. This can help you make your bar charts look more impressive. Once you’re done with creating the bar chart, you can save it as an image, HTML, or get the embed code. Apart from bar charts, this website also lets you create line & area charts, pie & doughnut charts, sketchy charts, and more.

You can read more about LiveGAP Charts from here.


Meta-Chart is another free online bar chart maker which you can use to create bar charts with ease. It lets you create great looking bar charts in 4 simple steps. In the first step, you would need to simply choose the bar direction, background/border color, and the bar chart type (normal or 3D). Then you can proceed to the next step where it lets you add your own data sets and section details. If you have your data stored in a CSV file, then it also lets you import CSV to enter the data automatically.

Now, in the third step, you can set your chart labels like the graph description, title & subtitle fonts, set axis labels, and bar data labels. Then proceed to the last step where you will see the preview of the bar chart and export it as a JPG, SVG, PDF, and PNG. There you will also find the option to change the theme of the bar chart as you desire. There are 6 amazing pre-defined themes available which you can apply to your charts. And yes, this website also allows you to create other charts including Venn, Pie, Histogram, etc.

Online Charts:

Online Charts is another useful website which can help you create bar charts online for free. Similar to “Meta-Charts”, this one also lets you create a bar chart in 4 easy steps. In the first step, it will ask you to select the bar direction, shapes (rectangle or circular), and the style (like background color, 2D/3D appearance, grid width, etc.). Then you can add your data by defining the graph title, X-axis, Y-axis, title background, color, and then insert datasets.

You can add items and groups along with their associated data like item name, value, group color, group label, etc. This bar chart maker also has the option to import CSV files to directly insert data. After that, it will ask you to choose the labels and fonts for the bar chart. Then in the next step, you can see the preview of the bar chart in small, medium, and large size. And finally, you can download the bar chart as HD PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF, and CSV.


ChartsGo is also one of the best free bar chart makers that can assist you to create beautiful bar charts online. You can create a bar chart simply by defining the chart settings, bar specific settings, and chart data. For chart settings, it will ask you to select the chart size, background color, label orientation, X-axis title, Y-axis title, etc. It also lets you enable the 3D mode, gridlines, border, gradient color, and more. Now, for bar specific settings, it will let you choose the bar orientation, bar layout (standard, stacked, or overlap), bar shapes, and bar borders/corners.

After that, you would need to configure the most important part of a bar chart i.e. data sets. Under the “Chart Data” section, you will see two input field named, X Data and Y Data in which you can manually enter data. You can also import Excel files containing your data. After that, you can go ahead and create the bar chart, see the preview, and download as an image, SVG, and PDF.

RapidTables Bar Graph Maker:

RapidTables Bar Graph Maker is one of the simplest bar chart makers that lets you easily create bar charts in no time. You can create as many bar charts as you want for free. To do that, all you need is to open this website and enter the required data. It will ask you to enter a graph title, horizontal axis label, vertical axis label, horizontal data type (data labels, data values, or data range) and then name the data labels.

Once you do that, you can choose the number of bars that you want to include in the chart and enter their respective data values. You can also select a different color for each bar and make the bars horizontal if you want. That’s all, you can now see the preview of the bar chart at the bottom and download it as a PNG file. This website also lets you create the line graph and pie chart.

Canva Charts:

Canva Charts provides another great way of creating some stunning bar charts for free online. Canva is actually a graphic design tool which also lets you create bar charts, pie charts, line charts, etc. To create a bar chart, all you need to do is open the Canva editor and go to the “Elements” tab on the left. After that, select the “Charts” option and then you will see all the pre-defined bar chart templates. Now, you can choose anyone you like and then proceed with editing the data sets.

Do note that, using Canva you can only create basic bar charts with simple data sets. To edit data, select the template on the canvas and click on the “data” option at the top. Then you can customize the default data with your own. So, this way you can create as many bar charts as you want and then export as PNG, JPG, or PDF files.

Jon Winstanley Chart Generator:

Jon Winstanley Chart Generator is also an amazing bar chart maker that enables you to seamlessly create bar charts online. When you open this website, you will see 3 columns named, Chart, Data, and Axis. In these columns, you will see the options to create a bar chart. In the “Chart” columns, you would need to select the chart type either as Stacked Bar Chart or Grouped Bar Chart. After that, you can set the chart size, title, background color, etc.

Then move to the “Data” column, where you can enter you chart data like data sets, color, values, etc. After that, move to the last columns and configure the X-axis, Y-axis, Top axis, and the Right axis. Once you’re done with that, all you gotta do is hit the “Generate Chart” button. Then it will instantly create the bar chart for you and you can either share it with others, download as PNG, or get the HTML code.

NCES Kids Graph Maker:

NCES Kids Graph Maker is also a simple online bar chart maker which allows you to create bar charts for free. You can create basic bar charts but beautiful ones. After you open the website and select the “Bar Chart” option, it will ask you to set the bar direction (stacked, true 3D, etc.), shape (rectangle, rhombus, cylindrical, etc.), and style for the chart. After that, click the “Data” tab on the right and then you can add a graph title, group label, X/Y axis label, and enter your data sets. To add a data set, all you need is to enter the item name and its values.

You can include multiple groups in the bar chart with separate group colors, item values, etc. Then proceed to the “Labels” tab to set the data labels and text font. When you’re done with that, the bar chart will be ready and you can preview or download it to your PC. Apart from bar charts, this website also has the option to create line graphs, area graphs, pie charts, etc.

Three Graphs:

Three Graphs is yet another free bar chart maker which you can use to make some useful bar charts. Using this website, you can actually create 3D bar charts as shown in the above image. To do that, simply open this website and select the “Bar Chart” option. After that, it will ask you to enter a title, select a background color, and scale text/value text color. Once you do that, you can go ahead and add your chart data by inserting new rows and columns.

In each row, you can add an item and its value on the associated column. After you’re done with entering the data, click on the “Generate Chart” button and it will instantly create the 3D bar chart for you. You can then save it as an image or get the embed code for websites, blogs, etc. You can also create pie charts, area charts, and world charts on this website.


ChartBlocks is also a free website which you can use to create bar charts online. Creating a bar chart on this website is also pretty easy, as all you gotta do is create an account and then go through a 4 step wizard to complete a chart. In the first step, it will ask you to enter your datasets either by typing manually or import from a CSV file. Then in the next step, you would need to choose the chart type as “Bar”. Now, in the third step, you can create series of data from your datasets by editing X/Y columns, values, etc.

When you’re all set, you can go ahead and choose any of the pre-defined bar chart templates. Then your bar chart will be ready and you can see the preview of it online. You can also share it, save it online, or download as PDF, PNG, JPG, etc. The free version of ChartBlocks lets you create and keep up to 50 active charts at a time.

Closing Words:

You might have come across many bar chart maker software, which also allow you to create amazing bar charts for free. But, if you’re looking for websites to create custom bar charts, then this post is for you. All the bar chart maker explained in this post make creating a bar chart a walk in the park. Just enter your data on them and you will get a bar chart right away. Try them out and leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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