11 Free Conspiracy Theory Websites to Read

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This article lists websites which list conspiracy theories from around the world. There have been a lot of conspiracy theories about a lot of things which have happened like the moon landing, 9/11, Elvis’s death, etc. These conspiracy theories are just theories and have not been proven. No one knows how they came to be, but they are there for everyone to read and form an opinion of their own.

What is a conspiracy?

Conspiracy as Oxford dictionary defines it is “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”. Now these conspiracy theories swing into action after some major event. People form their own theories based on what they see and hear. These theories are easily picked up by other people who believe in it, thus making it a conspiracy theory.

Let’s look at these conspiracy theory websites to read below.

Want to Know

Want to Know is a website which lists some major conspiracy theories you have heard of and some that you might not have heard of. The website purposely tries to avoid using the word conspiracy, as they believe that as soon as people hear the word conspiracy, they become skeptical about it being true or not. You can read about all the conspiracy theories on this website. The data on this website is collected through reliable resources and you can go through it and form your own opinion about it.

Conspiracy Archive

Conspiracy Archive is the next website in this list. This website offers insights into secret societies, politics, globalization, etc. You can read various articles on different subjects from almost all the fields you can think of. You will find articles in different categories like scientific dictatorship, new world order, population control, power elite, deep politics, etc.


Conspiracies also covers a lot of conspiracy theories floating around. You can go through the categories of top conspiracy theories, conspiracy documentaries, videos, etc. You will even find top 5 conspiracy movies that you can watch on Netflix. The website lists them all, popular and not so popular ones. Some conspiracy theories you can read about are Boston bombing, did Elvis fake his death, Illuminati conspiracy, etc.

Decrypted Matrix

Decrypted Matrix lists a lot of conspiracy theories for you to read. The website has no pop ups, ads, or anything like that to distract you. You can go through the various categories given on the website like abuses of power, news, black technology, events & assassinations, Government agenda, leaks, secret societies, etc. You will find any conspiracy theory that you are looking for in here.

The Conspiracy Blog

The Conspiracy Blog has all the conspiracy theories there are. You can explore the various categories on the website like secret societies, historical conspiracies, current politics, health, money & finance, etc. You can also sign up for the daily newsletter which is delivered to your email everyday. You can visit the home page if the website to go through the features conspiracies for that day.

The Coming New World Order

The Coming New World Order has a nice collection of conspiracy theories on all subjects out there. They mostly focus on the secret society called the “Illuminati” and the new world order. But apart from this secret society the website covers a lot of conspiracy theories out there. Just keep browsing the website and keep reading the articles about conspiracies you want to gain more knowledge about.

Fourth Dimensional Recovery

Fourth Dimensional Recovery lists a lot of conspiracy theories. The website interface is not ideal, but you can navigate your way through it. There are some theories listed right at the top of the page which you an go through. You can also browse through the articles listed on the right side of the page. There is a drop down box given for categories from where you can choose a category to go through. Some categories you will find are ancient civilizations, flat earth, new world order, black projects secret ops, 9/11 truth, etc.

Educate Yourself

Educate Yourself is a website with list of conspiracy theories on it. The home page of the website can be seen in the screenshot above. It lists all the theories on the home page in plain text links. To read more about a topic, just click on it and it will open up in a new page in full detail. Some theories you will find on the website are 9/11 truth, Chemtrails, insights on aliens, Illuminati goals, new world order, global warming, etc.

Above Top Secret

Above Top Secret is a website with lot of news, videos, and forums for people to discuss their theories. The website lists a lot of current news and happenings and states its theories about them. The users of the website also contribute by adding their theories in the forum. Mostly you will find a lot of political information on this website. Though you can also find info on a lot of other conspiracies and read the ongoing discussion in the forums.

What Really Happened

What Really Happened lists a lot of conspiracy theories you might have heard of. The popular ones are listed at the top of the home page, as you can see in the screenshot above. The website also has a radio show of its own which you can tune in to. They also have a readers email/ letter section, where they publish letters sent by readers. You can just click on any theory and start reading about it in detail. You will find most conspiracy theories are related to politics and politicians.

Secrets in Plain Sight

Secrets in Plain Sight is a more like a blog accompanied by a YouTube channel of the same name. The website lists conspiracies and the YouTube channel has documentaries on the same. You can see the website focuses on secrets that are hidden with in patterns, art, cosmos, cities, architecture, etc. Hence, the name of the website. There is a long list of articles and videos trying to prove this point. You can go through these articles and you might see a point in what the author is trying to prove.


These are some websites which list conspiracy theories. You will find a lot of conspiracy theories, most of them you would not have even heard of. Every major event has a alternative theory attached to it. So keep a open mind when you are reading them. Form your own opinions depending on the facts stated. At the end of the day, they are just theories.

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