Shake Your Phone To Launch Apps With Shake For Android

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Shake for Android is a free app for Android devices which lets you launch apps by shaking the phone. By using this app you can launch multiple commonly used apps on your phone with different kinds of shakes. Shake for Android is not just limited to launching apps, you can also assign tasks such as turning on the flashlight, turning on the screen, turning on or off the wi-fi, calling a contact, and much more. This app allows you to assign one, two or three shaking gestures.

Shake Your Phone To Launch Apps With Shake For Android

Using Shake for Android:

You can get Shake for Android from the link or QR code at the end of this review. Launch the app after installation and you will have the dialog box as seen here, just tap on the confirm button to continue. Now from here, open up ‘Action when shaken’ section as highlighted below.

Using Shake for Android

Now the app will show you how you are supposed to shake your device in order to launch apps or actions. By default you are provided with two kinds of shaking gestures as seen here, this includes horizontal shake and vertical shake. If you like you can tap on the simple tab for one gesture and pro tab for three gestures.

how to shake in Shake For Android

To add apps to a type of shake, simply tap on the ‘Click to select an app’ button as pointed below. Then the Shake for Android will present you with the list of apps on your device.

adding apps in shake for android

Simply select the one which you want to associate with this gesture. Also, if you want, you can assign actions or task from the drop down menu as seen here. Now you can simply shake your device to launch apps or actions.

actions in shake for android

Settings of Shake for Android:

On the main interface of the app, you can access all the settings of the app. Tap on the sensor sensitivity to calibrate the sensitivity of the shakes so that the apps are not launched just by common movement of the hands, you can adjust the sensitivity by using the sliders as seen below. Another nice feature is Shake for Android is that you can launch apps or commit actions even when the screen is turned off. To do this, simply turn on the ‘Active when screen is off’ option, but keep in mind that this feature will consume more battery. Also, other options like start at boot, battery saving, vibrate on shake, notify when shaken etc can be access from here.

Settings of Shake for Android


Shake for Android is a nice app for launching apps and actions by shaking for phone. You can launch the most commonly used app. This app is convenient and cool; others will be surprised when you launch apps with a simple shake.

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Get Shake for Android from here or Scan the QR code below.

Get Shake for Android from here

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Works With: Android 2.3 and up
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