How to Get Pixel 5’s Adaptive Sound Feature on other Pixel Phones?

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Google has been been the software on its Pixel phone line up to pure vanilla Android. In doing so, every Pixel phone comes with some exclusive features some of those get paved to older Pixel phones. Pixel 5 is the latest phone in the lineup which recently got a feature drop update gaining various new features.

One of these new features is Adaptive Sound. As the name suggests, this feature automatically adjusts the speaker volume based on the surroundings. This feature tweaks the equalizer to improve the overall sound output in different environments. This feature is currently exclusive to Pixel 5 only but there is a way to get it on other Pixel phones too. Here is how you can do that.

How to Get Pixel 5’s Adaptive Sound Feature on other Pixel Phones?

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Get Pixel 5’s Adaptive Sound Feature on other Pixel Phones

This Adaptive Sound feature is made available through the Device Personalization Services app. You can get this feature on other Pixel devices running Android 11 by installing the Pixel 5’s version of this app.

Follow this link and download the Pixel 5’s version of Device Personalization Services APK from the APK Mirror. Once downloaded, install this app on your older Pixel phone. After installing the app, you have to enable the Adaptive Sound feature via ADB commands. To do that, make sure USB debugging is enabled under the Developer Options on your phone. Connect the phone to a PC with ADB drivers installed. Then execute these 3 commands one by one:

adb shell
device_config put device_personalization_services AdaptiveAudio__enable_adaptive_audio true
device_config put device_personalization_services AdaptiveAudio__show_promo_notification true

pixel 5 adaptive sound

After you execute these commands, you would get the Adaptive Sound option in the Settings. From there, you can easily toggle it on and off. This method is kind of temporary, it works perfectly until you restart your phone. After a reboot, you have to enable it again every time by executing the same ADB commands.

Permanently Enable Additive Sound Feature with Root

You can permanently enable the Adaptive Sound feature on older Pixel with root access. If your Pixel phone is rooted with Magisk then you can get a module for this. You have to install the Pixel 5’s Device Personalization Settings app and then module. You can find this module by searching for “Adaptive_Audio_Settings_Enabler” in the Magisk module library. This module takes care of the ADB commands. It runs those commands automatically on each reboot and makes the feature permanent.

Closing Words

This is how you can get Pixel 5’s Adaptive Sound feature on other Pixel phones. The feature saves you from adjusting your volume. It analysis your surroundings and tweak the volume accordingly for better and audible output. If you have an older Pixel phone then do give it a try and if you have any questions then drop that in the comment section.

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