Partlocker: Lock Hard Drive Of PC To Prevent Unauthorized Access

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Partlocker is a free software to lock hard drive of your computer. It will thus prevent unauthorized access to your hard drive and will keep your PC safe and secure. You can block access to your computer in one click and unblocking it is done through the same software.

Moreover there is no password protection, so you won’t have to go through the hassle of remembering multiple password. However locking the operating system is not possible, only the drive containing files and folders can be locked.

Below is a screenshot showing the interface of pop up window of partlocker.

Part Locker 01-lock hard drive

How To Lock Hard Drive:

When you download and extract the zipped file, the exe file won’t open. You will have to right click on the Partlocker file, and then run the file as administrator. Then only the file will execute.

Part Locker 02-lock hard drive

Locking the hard drive through this software is extremely simple. A pop up will open up as shown in the first screenshot. You need to select the drive, however the drive comprising your operating system won’t lock. You can lock your other drives containing files and folders. Just click on the lock button after selecting a drive and your hard drive is now free from unauthorized access.

Now when you try to open your local hard drive, a message will pop up that this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. This message means that your drive has been locked successfully.

Part Locker 03-lock hard drive

The above screenshot shows the pop up upon opening your local drive.

Now unlocking it is also a similar process. Go to the folder where the file is saved, right click and run as administrator. The pop up will open up as shown in the first screenshot and you have to select the drive and unlock it from there.

This software does not provide complete protection as there is no master password available to operate it. Therefore, anyone knowing about the software can unlock it and have access to your PC.

Key Features of Partlocker:

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It works well and totally free of cost.
  • It is lightweight (size-91 kb)
  • It is portable, you can run it through external devices.
  • You can lock your hard drive in a few clicks and prevent unauthorized access
  • There is no master password option, so you won’t have to go into hassles of remembering passwords.


Partlocker is a nice application to lock your hard drive. But one of it’s major shortcoming is that it is not password protected. Anyone having knowledge about this software can access your hard drive easily. Therefore this app cannot be used in a professional environment, as it won’t protect your sensitive files. For home users it is decent enough.

To get this app for free, click here!

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