Anti Keylogger Software to Protect your System: SpyShelter’s Stop-Logger

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SpyShelter’s stop-logger is an anti keylogger application. This application will protect you against various kinds of attacks and threats that any one of you can face online. A very common kind of attack is called Key Logging where a software gets installed secretly, without the knowledge of user, and use number of means to gather the information that you enter online.

Some examples of gathering information are taking screenshots of what you are doing, accessing files using your credentials or even logging each and every keystroke you make and using it later to hack your private and confidential data. SpyShelter’s stop-logger is a tool that prevents you from these kind of attacks and it looks like the below screenshot.


Hackers sitting around the world can infect your system with Key loggers, viruses, rootkits, Trojans etc. The keystrokes recording software like key loggers can compromise the private and confidential data of the user, and then they can send the collected data to the Hacker. Now imagine what a hacker can do with all your passwords and bank account details.

SpyShelter stop-logger monitors weak spots in your system to make sure that even the most sophisticated key loggers are terminated before they can launch any potential harmful attack that can compromise or capture any data belonging to user.

The free version of the tool provides protection against anti Keylogging, Anti Screen capture, Anti clip board capture, etc. It lets you edit the rules against installed applications, you can import and export rules. It lets you see the logs of various action taken by Stop-logger. You can even add some application under restricted application list, add folder with write access, view File access violation list and view list of files executed as restricted. You can also change the General, Advanced and Security settings under Settings Tab.


Key Features of SpyShelter anti keylogger:

  • Spyshelter stop-logger is available in free version.
  • Installing and using is an easy task.
  • It provides best and experienced protection against keylogging software.
  • It has a simple and easy to use Graphical User Interface.
  • Keyloggers are extremely hard to detect for most of the users which stop-logger detects easily.
  • It also provides Anti-sound loggers.
  • Takes minimum amount of memory and doesn’t slow down your system.
  • It can be installed with most antiviruses and internet security solutions.
  • It also provides an add on protection to Windows’ own security- firewall.

Overall Review

Key loggers are a big threat to privacy and security of every internet user these days, due to the extent of these malware programs used. These threats are very difficult to detect, even an expert computer user is not able to detect keyloggers many a times. Spyshelter stop-logger is a nice application, packed with loads of features. It encrypt your key strokes at real time making it very difficult for keyloggers to decrypt them. Use it along with a good antivirus solution to provide complete security from these threats. This application contains all the features of a top class solution for preventing key logging on the system. You can get the free version of stop-logger from this link.

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Works With: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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