Firefox Add-on To Solve Math Equations In Firefox Address Bar

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HereĀ is a free Firefox add-on to solve Math equations in Firefox address bar. It is named as “Math in Address Bar“. You just need to type some Math equation in the address bar of Firefox and the add-on will automatically generate the result. It shows the output in real-time that makes it very helpful. While normally Firefox or other browsers let you perform only basic math operations, this add-on is good to use when you have to quickly solve a Math equation. Just use the address bar of Firefox and start typing the equation to get the answer.

This add-on also doesn’t come with some kind of configuration or settings page. That means once the add-on is installed, it is ready to serve you to solve Math equations from the address bar of Firefox.

solve math equation directly in address bar of firefox

The screenshot above shows a math equation in the address bar of Firefox and the answer is visible in the address bar pop-up.

Note: This add-on supports Euler’s constant (E), natural log of 10 (LN10), Base of 2 log of E, square root of 0.5, natural log of 2, and other constants. Also, the functions supported by this add-on are: acos(x), E to the power of x (exp(x)), log10(x), sin(x), tan(x), cos(x), log(x), cube root (cbrt(x)), asin(x), etc. If Math equation contains any of these constants and functions, then you will get the answer. For other cases, it won’t be able to get the output.

How To Solve Math Equations In Address Bar of Firefox Using This Add-on?

This is a very simple Firefox add-on. Once the add-on is installed, it will help you solve Math equations immediately. You also don’t need to restart the browser.

After installing this add-on, click on the address bar of Firefox and then type ‘Math’. After that, press space and write some Math equation. You will notice that it is working in real-time. The address bar pop-up will show if there is some error in the equation, the bracket is missing, etc.

write math and start typing equation

When the equation is completed, you will get the answer.

This way you can solve Math equations using the address bar of Firefox. It also stores last 30 calculations that will help you get the answer of some previously solved equations quickly.

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The Conclusion:

This is a pretty simple Firefox add-on, but helpful when you have to solve Math equations just by typing in the address bar of Firefox. There are some free Math equation solver software also available, but if you want to try some new tool to solve Math equations, then this Firefox add-on is a good option to try.

Get this add-on.

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