Internet Connectivity Monitor: Free Software To Check Website Uptime

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Internet Connectivity Monitor is a free and multi platform software that is used to check website uptime or your Internet connection running time. Using this software, you can start monitoring status of your website by providing domain name and can check the connection process at regular interval of times. It is an easy to use software and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It will continuously monitor the connection and you can save report (log report) in form of *.txt file.

What’s special with this software is that it lets you check two addresses at a same time. Thus you can monitor two websites simultaneously and it provide results with OK status if website is running successfully. You can set the monitoring frequency in seconds and it will check your website as per that frequency. If website goes down you will notice in the results. You can also enable the sound option to make you aware that connection is broken.

Internet Connectivity Monitor 01
You can use Internet Connectivity Monitor free on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Above screenshot shows the interface of this software where you could see the monitoring process of added websites.

Personally, we at prefer to use online website monitoring services, like, Pingdom. Such services run 24*7, and inform you via email / sms if something goes wrong with the website. And most of such services come with a decent free plan.

How To Use Internet Connectivity Monitor?

Interface of this software is quite simple. You simply need to enter website address along with the desired monitoring frequency. After this, hit the ‘Start Monitoring tab’ and it will check the connections to those websites. You can also enable the Play sound on disconnect option that will help you to notify that connection is down. All the monitoring activity can be seen at the right side on its interface.

Internet Connectivity Monitor 02

Later on, you can save the activity report to desired location to your PC. For this, pause the monitoring tab and click on the Save log button. After this, you will be able to save the log report which you can open in form of a text file with Notepad, WordPad, MS Word etc.

Internet Connectivity Monitor 03

Features of Internet Connectivity Monitor:

  • Lets you check the running time (up or down) of your website.
  • You can monitor two websites simultaneously.
  • Portable software and can run without installation.
  • You can directly add IP address instead of domain name (as long as the server uses HTTP).
  • Multiplatform software that can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • Free to use for everyone.

Get Internet Connectivity Monitor For Free:

You can click on the link present at the end part of this article to access the download page of Internet Connectivity Monitor. This software requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to run it successfully. So if you find any error, then first download and install JRE (its download link is also available at download page of this software). After installing Java, you can extract zip file of Internet Connectivity Monitor. After that, double-click its application file named as ‘Internet Connectivity Monitor.exe’ and it will open up in front of you.


Internet Connectivity is one of the simplest software to keep monitoring your website(s) but it lacks alert facility (in case website got down) via email or sms on phone. But you can save log report and can view the time when your website went down. To download it free of cost, access the link present below:

Get Internet Connectivity Monitor free of cost.

Don’t forget to check out these 10 best free website uptime monitoring services that also provide alert facility.

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