Windows 10 Code Indenter App to Format Code and Make it Readable

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Windows 10 Code Indenter is a free app for formatting your programming code and make it readable with proper line spacing and all. Indenting code puts the code in a neat format and makes it easily readable. This app lets you do this in a matter of seconds, even if the code you have is thousands of lines. This app could come in handy for programmers who have to write lines and lines of codes.

The Windows 10 code indenter app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will come across a screen which looks like the screenshot below.

code indenter home

The home page of the app is shown in the screenshot above. By default the app shows an example which you can indent and try out to see how the before and after code formatting looks like.

The default example showing the indenting in code is shown in the screenshot below.

code indenter example on app

The code indentation parameters are also shown at the bottom of the app window. Like new lines are controlled by braces, so every time the app sees a brace it will automatically go to a new line. Parenthesis is for line spacing. You can turn any of these options off if you want to.

The below screenshot shows a sample code which I tried out through this app.

code indenter test

The indentation was done pretty perfectly and the code looks neat and readable after indenting. All you have to do is write your code in the white box given on the left of the screen. Once you are done writing your code, click the indent code button at the bottom of the window. The indented code will now appear on the right side of the window. This new indented code can easily be copied and pasted anywhere you want.

Features of this Windows 10 code indenter app:

  • Code indentation app.
  • Gives proper formatting to code.
  • Provides proper indentation to codes with thousand of lines in a few seconds.


Code Indenter is a nice app for programmers who write thousands of lines of code and don’t really have the time to pay attention to formatting or indentation. Or even for students who are trying to learn programming, this app can prove to be helpful. But then again it will work with only a few programming languages. It will work with programming languages which have braces and parenthesis like C, C++, and Java. These are the only programming languages I know of which use codes like these.

Check out Code Indenter for Windows 10 here.

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