5 Free On Screen Ruler Software for Windows 10

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Here is a list of 5 free on screen ruler software for Windows 10.

When you have to measure the desktop screen or the width and height of a particular image, these software can be handy. Apart from taking the measurement, there are many other features in each individual software. For example, you can set the measurement unit, make the ruler transparent, change the background color of the ruler, store history of measured items, etc. So you will get many interesting features.

Let’s start with the first on screen ruler software for Windows 10.

A Ruler For Windows

A Ruler for Windows- interface

A Ruler For Windows has brought a lot of features and is one of my favorite on screen ruler software for Windows 10. You can use ruler horizontally as well as vertically. The ruler length can also be set by you easily. When the length is set, you can also lock the ruler so that it will remain in the same size.

There are many other features that make it a fantastic screen ruler for Windows 10. You can use its magnifier to zoom in the screen which is very useful when you want to measure a small object visible on the desktop screen. It also lets you change the skin color. There are small icons available on the left and right side of the ruler using which you can access all these features. It can be a good pick definitely.

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on-screen ruler

on-screen ruler

on-screen ruler is also a handy screen ruler software for Windows 10. There are a couple of unique features because of which I have given a place to this software in this list.

You can set the opacity of ruler, set its background color, tick color, border and font color. Apart from that, you can change the measurement units. Available units are: Pixel, Inch, Centimeter, Percentage, etc. So, the software is definitely worth trying. You can also change units using the mouse wheel.

Perfect Screen Ruler

Perfect Screen Ruler- interface

Perfect Screen Ruler is also a good screen ruler software for Windows 10 but it works in a different manner. Instead of providing a ruler, it first lets you capture the visible screen and then you can mark points (start and end points) to measure the object length (X and Y coordinates). It also stores the history of all the points.

One of the important features of this software is that you can create the HTML table of all points and then save it to PC for later use. The captured screen can also be zoomed in which will help you measure the objects easily.

WonderWebware Screen Ruler

WonderWebware Screen Ruler

WonderWebware Screen Ruler is an advanced on screen ruler for Windows 10. It has many important features. You can set the Unit Type, Tickers (numbers on top, left, right, and bottom of ruler), and transparency of the ruler.

One unique feature provided by this software is that you can set the custom image as ruler background. The feature is not so important, but interesting to use. Some other features like get the screen information, set ruler size and position, and maximize the ruler make it a fantastic on screen ruler software for Windows 10.

Pixel Ruler (Homepage)

Pixel Ruler

Pixel Ruler is a very simple software and perhaps it’s the simplest screen ruler software for Windows 10. After installation, when you run this software, a blue color ruler will be in front of you. The interesting part of this screen ruler is that its length is increased and decreased automatically based on your mouse movement.

You can also right click to access its Options window. Using that window, you will be able to change the background color, line color, and text color of the ruler. There are no other options in this software. So, if you just need a basic screen ruler that can measure desktop screen in pixels, then you should definitely try it.

The Verdict:

These are my best picked on screen ruler software for Windows 10. You can use any software based on your need. For me, A Ruler For Windows (the very first software) is perfect.

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