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IM Creator is a free drag and drop website creation service. Back when I started creating websites, you created a website in a text editor and had to know how to write HTML code. Then came the WYSIWYG editors that allowed more people to create beautiful and full-featured websites, but you then you had to know how to work with the various editors. Enter IM Creator, a website where all you need to know is what you want to say on your site.

Dozens of Templates to Choose From

IM Creator has about a dozen different template styles to choose from when building your website. These styles include Musician, Artist, Architect, Bio/Resume, and a host of others. Most of these template styles have several different choices within the style.

Website Creation by Drag, Drop, Click, Paste, Type

It’s pretty much that easy. I created a pretty basic page in about five minutes. It would have taken me lesser time to make a page, if I knew what I wanted to say before I started. To modify elements of a page, you need to click the element to be modified. Then click the Edit button and make your changes. To change what’s in a text box, you just type what you want. For pictures, you select the image(s) you want from your computer. Move the images and text where you want them. Crop the images to whatever size you want or need.

Publishing Options? Not for Free

You can design and create pages to your heart’s content on the IM Creator website for free. Their FAQ states that when you save the page you’ve created, you’ll have a live page on their servers for free. However, I was unable to find it. I sent a trouble ticket to their support people about this. Support got back to me on this issue. Once you click Publish, in order to have your live page generated, you need the click the Like button in the upper left. Your unique URL will then be generated and displayed. This wasn’t very obvious.

Publishing your site/page costs money. If you already have a domain (and by extension, a server), you have three subscription options, six months, one year, or two-years. Purchasing a domain is an extra $10 a year. These prices include unlimited hosting, metrics, and a site email account.

Overall, IM Creator is an easy drag and drop website creation service which is very intuitive. Anyone will be able to create a website in a few minutes. Try it out.

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