Texting And Driving Simulator Web App: It Can Wait

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It Can Wait is an online game where you can test texting and driving in virtual world and see how dangerous it is to manage both. This game has been launched by AT&T in order to make people aware about the consequences of texting while driving. If you are a person who engages in texting while driving a car you should definitely try out this texting and driving simulator. It is very scary to see the real life consequences of facing accidents while texting. You should also warn people who are using their phone while driving and let them know about this web app.

The screenshot below gives you a glimpse of the game:

It Can Wait

The Text Send message will appear in the app interface once you start playing the game. I will explain it in detail, keep reading further.

How To Play the Game:

So, for playing the game you need a web browser and a smart phone. In order to play this game you will have to sync your phone with the web app. First, when you will open the web page you will find warnings about texting and driving and about taking a pledge to not engage in this activity. Go to the bottom of the web page, you will find a box asking you to try the texting and driving simulator. Clicking on that you will be redirected to another tab. Here you will find the page from where you can start playing the game.

Look at the screenshot below to see how it will appear:

Start Simulator

Sync With Phone And Play It Can Wait Game:

Clicking on the Start Simulator button you will see another page where you will have to sync your browser with your phone. You need to provide the email id which you use in your smart phone as well, because you will receive a mail from this game.

See the screenshot below to get a better idea:

Sync your phone

Now once you click on the SYNC YOUR PHONE button, you will receive a mail in the mail id you have given. Open it and follow the instructions. Just click on the Start Simulator link and you will be connected. Once you are synced, the game will start loading. Then it will show you instructions to drive. You will have to operate the car using the arrow keys. Click on the W button in your keyboard to start the car as it is an alternative accelerator button.

Once you start playing, you will keep getting instructions in the interface about speeding up, slowing down or text send etc. Basically it is a virtual game for texting while driving and see the consequences. Though you will face much more distractions in real life, the game doesn’t have so many obstructions. You will see a Text Send alert in the game. Also your phone will beep, the message would be received in the box where you were redirected after syncing. You also have an option to send back a message.

See the screenshot below to get a better idea about it’s working:

Receive text messages in phone

You will receive a message like this where you can also reply in order to test your effectiveness of texting while driving. You may run into another car, drive in the wrong side or get pulled over. You will receive a message like the one in the screenshot below:

game ended

Thereafter you can choose to play again, take a pledge or post your result to Facebook so as others can also learn a lesson.

So, this is the basic overview of how to go about with this texting and driving simulator.

Features Of It Can Wait:

  • Web app to simulate driving and texting.
  • Syncs with your smart phone so that you can receive messages while playing the game.
  • Proper instructions have been given.
  • Post the result on Facebook to make others aware.
  • Can be played for fun and simultaneously to get an idea about dangers of texting and driving.

The link of the web app has been given at the end of the article.

My Say About The Web App:

I loved the concept of the game as it is an awareness campaign through fun mode. You will get an idea about the dangers of texting while driving. But it’s better not to perform well in this game in real life settings as it might lead to sour consequences. Take a pledge today to refrain from using your phone while driving and having a safe driving experience!

Get the web app from here!

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