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EasyWrite is a free online text editor that lets you write using 1000 common and simple English words only. The main purpose of this editor is to make your text or messages easily understandable for everyone, including kids. Whenever you write something on this text editor, it highlights all the uncommon, unusual, and difficult words so that you can replace them with commonly used words. You can use EasyWrite for writing any product details, messages, supporting emails, instructions, or anything you want others to understand clearly and easily.

You might have used various text editors with different features, but I bet that EasyWrite is quite unique and useful for all the writers out there. Ultimately, it assists you in using and writing simple words instead of complicated ones. For example, instead of writing “Encourages” write “Helps”, instead of “Attempt” write “Try”, and same applies to the other complicated words.

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How to Write Text or Messages Using 1000 Commonly Used Words:

Step 1: Simply go to the homepage of EasyWrite, and start typing your text or messages in the text box. No registration or sign up is required for using this website.

Step 2: The interface doesn’t come with any Rocket Science, and instead has a simple text box, that’s all. There will be some sample text written on the box, which you can remove and start typing whatever you want.

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Step 3: While writing, if any word is detected as unusual (not in 1000 commonly used words) as per the website’s text database, then it will be highlighted with the yellow color. It works in real-time, which means you don’t have to submit your text manually first.

Step 4: When the highlighted words appear, simply try to replace them with easy synonyms or alternatives. Doing so, your text or messages will become readable & understandable for everyone including kids and others who can understand only basic English.

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Step 5: It doesn’t force you to remove the unusual words, but instead highlights it such that you can replace it with common words if you want.

My Final Verdict:

EasyWrite is a simple and interesting online text editor to write anything using 1000 common and understandable English words. Replace all the unusual and difficult words in all your messages, emails, etc. with common and simple words and make them readable for everyone.

It would have been better if it offers word suggestions for uncommon or difficult words because sometimes we might not have the time or a proper replaceable word in our mind.

Try “EasyWrite” from here.

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