Learn New Languages Quickly by Speaking to this Free AI Assistant

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Pretty Polly is a free app to learn new languages quickly by speaking to an AI Assistant. Whenever you start learning a new language, the most helpful part is when you speak to someone in that language. No matter how many books you read, or how many words you can write of that language. Until you speak or converse with someone in that language, you will have a hard time being proficient.

To help you out with this, Pretty Polly app was made. Pretty Polly is a free AI Assistant which can have a conversation with you in the language you select. Speaking will make you proficient in the language quicker than any other mode.

Let’s see how Pretty Polly works:

Open this app from the link given at the end of this article. You will come across a page like the one shown in the screenshot below.

On this page click the start speaking now button and you will be directed to another page like the one shown below.

On this page you can select the language of conversation from the top drop down box. Once the language is selected click the ‘start conversation’ button. The AI assistant will greet you in the language you selected. You will hear the words out loud as well as a written version of it will also appear in the box provided.

Click on the toggle microphone button and start speaking with the AI assistant. When you are done speaking click the button again which says ‘stop speaking’. Your answer will be recorded and will be presented in text format on the screen. Then the AI assistant will again ask you something and you reply. Keep the conversation going as long as you can.

The save conversation button at the bottom will only work when you create an account with the app and login. When you are logged in, you can save your conversation in the app for future references. Your language fluency score is also displayed.


Pretty Polly is a nice free app to learn a new language by speaking with an AI assistant. The easiest way to learn a language is having a conversation with someone who can speak the same language. Pretty Polly comes in pretty handy at a place like this. You can have a simple conversation in the beginning and more advanced one as you keep progressing. You can also have the same conversation over and over again with the AI assistant to practice lines everyday. You can see the script of the conversation from the ones you saved and take references if you have to.

Check out Pretty Polly app here.

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