3 Free Virtual Chemistry Labs Online

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In this post, I will introduce you to 3 free virtual chemistry labs online. With these virtual chemistry labs, you can explore different chemical experiments of various topics like Thermochemistry, solubility, acid-base chemistry, physical chemistry, etc. Most of these virtual chemistry labs automatically set up the apparatus required to conduct the experiment and all you have to do is specify concentration and values of all input elements. After that, simulators of these online chemistry labs do the job and you can notice the experiment output within their interface itself. However, one website in this list lets you set up the required apparatus to perform a chemical experiment. So, do check out this list and start experimenting at your home.

I must say these free virtual chemistry online labs are a pretty great resource to learn chemistry in a more interactive manner than in classes. They are pretty safe as you can experiment as much as you can and never worry about any mishap that might occur when you conduct experiments. Meanwhile, you can also check out these Chemistry apps for Android and Windows 8. In case, you are looking for a full-fledged Chemistry software then check out DWSIM that can simulate chemical reactions just like these online virtual chemistry labs mentioned below.

Amrita Lab Online:

amrita lab online- virtual chemistry lab

Amrita Lab Online is a virtual lab to learn different subjects like Chemistry, Maths, Physics, etc. in an interactive manner. In its Chemistry section, it has listed many chemistry experiments from class 9 to 12 like qualitative analysis of anions, find boiling point of organic compounds, etc. So, basically, what you can do is simulate these experiments in its online chemistry virtual lab to see how the experiment actually works. The best part is that you can alter the quantity of the input parameters of different chemical elements required in the experiment and then notice the change in output parameters or see the chemical reaction in progress. Well, you don’t have to set any apparatus to conduct any experiment, all you have to do is visit the link provided above and select any experiment to run. Do note that you need to be logged in to this website to conduct these chemical experiments. In addition to that, you can also read the full theory, procedure, animated and real video, viva voce questions, and resources related to the experiment.

Here is a list of some experiments that you can conduct at your end:

  • Determine EMF of a cell.
  • Paper Chromatography
  • Thermochemistry
  • pH Determination
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Qualitative analysis of cations and anions.

PhET Interactive Simulations:

phet interactive simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations is another free virtual chemistry online lab in this list. Just like the previous virtual chemistry lab, it also lets you simulate chemistry experiments where you explore things by changing different elements concentration and then notice the output of the experiment. You will surely feel like as if you are conducting the chemical experiment at your end. The best part is that you don’t have to set up any apparatus as the simulator already does it for you. All you have to do is specify the concentration of different chemical elements required in the experiment and then observe the output values from the output devices connected, as you can see in the screenshot above.

Here is a list of  some of the chemical simulations that you can perform in PhET Interactive Simulations:

  • Acid-Base Solutions
  • Alpha Decay
  • Balloons and Static Electricity
  • Gas Properties
  • Molecule Polarity
  • Nuclear Fission
  • Conductivity



ChemCollective is the last online virtual chemistry lab on my list which lets you play with different acid, bases, and chemistry lab apparatus to simulate an experiment from the scratch. What I really liked about this free chemistry lab website is that you can browse chemistry experiments by different topics like Thermochemistry, Kinetics, Physical Chemistry, etc. The best part is that you don’t need to sign up or create any account. Just visit the link provided above and then select a chemical experiment to perform. You will then see its virtual lab interface, as shown in the screenshot above. On the left, there is an apparatus toolbar from where you can select required apparatus to perform the chemical experiment. Simply select the acids, bases, beakers, funnels, etc. of different quantities and drag and drop them onto its workbench area. After that, you can place these apparatus together to see the output of the chemical experiment.


In this post, you read about 3 free online virtual chemistry labs which you can use to simulate and conduct chemical experiments. You can explore different chemical experiments at your end and learn different chemistry topics like kinetics, acids and bases properties, organic and inorganic compounds, etc. In most of these virtual online Chemistry labs, you just need to adjust the concentration of chemical components involved in the experiment and you can then see the output of the experiment and notice output values. All of them are equally good and provide unique chemical experiments to explore in their virtual labs. In case you also want to learn how to set up the required apparatus for an experiment, then you should check out ChemCollective.

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