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Answer The Public is a free online application to generate search insights of a keyword that you search for. The results are visualized in easy to analyze data maps. These data maps (or infographics) are generated based on the questions netizens ask related to the keyword you are searching. Data map for preposition related to the keywords are also available. The feature that users will find the most useful is the alphabetical listing of the keyword’s searches. The consolidated report of all the above can be saved in a CSV file. The infographics can be saved as images too, so users can use them on their detailed reports. Answer The Public pulls the search results from Google API.

Answer The Public is the perfect tool for online marketing, search engine optimization, and public relations among many other related fields. This tool will definitely help businesses in boosting public relations and advertisement by analyzing the search pattern of the business. The most obvious use of Answer The Public is to spark new content concepts when content developers run out ideas.


So let’s take a better look at Answer The Public. You might also like Cuutio, which is a set of online search engine optimization tools to see where a website stands in the search engine rankings.

How to use Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a really simple and interesting online keyword insight application. The search bar on the front page is where you’ll have to enter your keyword along with the search region. The search will take a bit of time depending on how prominent the keyword is on the web. If Answer the Public returns an empty result, then maybe you should use an alternative keyword or optimize the keyword to make it more noticeable on the web. For example, lets fire up Answer The Public with the keyword ‘free software’.

free software

Answer The Public lists questions in a circular infographic that have been asked in relation to the keyword. This helps users to know what people on the web need in relation to the product or service. Questions will also help in exposing the potential problems and inadequacy of the product related to the keyword. The question modifiers that are likely to be mapped are who, when, why, where, etc.

So when I searched for ‘free software’ in the United States, here is what the infographic looked like:


You can also switch the infographic to a normal text list. Click on Data above the image to do that.


Prepositions which accompany the searched keyword are listed below the questions. Prepositions will help you find complementary keywords that you can add in your content. Prepositions will give you tons of ideas for your content.  For example, with ‘free software’ I got to know people are searching for free alternatives of paid software like Camtasia, Adobe Lightroom, Abelton Live, etc.


There is also an alphabetical order of keyword searches at the bottom so you can filter a search based on an alphabetical criteria.

Users can also download the whole report as a CSV file which is way easier to evaluate rather than the above diagrams. Click on Export to CSV at the top to do that.

Final Words

Answer The Public is the most awesome web application I’ve come across that inspires its users with new ideas for content creation and online marketing. I loved how they have listed all the probable questions and prepositional sentences to find new keywords. I did not come across any errors or snags while using Answer The Public, which is one of the reasons why am giving this application 5 stars.

Try Answer The Public here.

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