Free Interactive PUBG Maps with Loot Heatmap, Vehicle Location

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This article covers a free interactive map of PUBG with loot heatmap, vehicle location, and more. is a free website that provides fully-detailed PUBG maps of all the locations in the game covering Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. This website is available in various languages, depending on your region, you can select your local language and explore the maps in that language.

These maps mark all the locations where you can find loot and vehicles. You can show/hide the location name and items on the map, check the elevation, measure area, and plot a flight route to plan your game strategy accordingly. It also lets you compare the maps to check geography, transportation, loot, weapons, layers, and more. Apart from the maps, this website covers detailed information about all the items in the game including weapon statistics and attachment statistics. It also has a PUBG Telemetry Explorer where you can get information and statistics on other aspects of the game such as FPP vs TPP, Care Packages, Winner Stats, Parachute Distances, Kill Distances, Landing Zone, Blue Zone, Player Count, Snipper Locations, Kill Locations, and more.

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Free Interactive PUBG Maps with Loot Heatmap, Vehicle Location is a very helpful website for PUBG gamers or anyone who want to understand the game. The homepage shows you all four PUBG maps in the exact order as in the game. Below the map, it has an option to change the language that covers over 50+ popular languages from all around the world.

At the top, it lists all four maps along with Telemetry, Weapons, Attachments, and Items. Each of these section contains the information and statistics of the related items from the game.

When you open a map, it shows that map with game items as legends on the left. You can simply tap a legend to show/hide it on the map. This way, you can do the followings:

  • Find vehicle locations
  • View the Loot Heatmap
  • Track Boat locations
  • See all the Garages

From the top right corner, you can map the map fullscreen and download the entire map as a PNG file.

Apart from the locations and heatmap, you get the following items for game strategies:

  • Flight Path: This option lets you plot a flight route of the map and calculate the distances to nearby locations.
  • Measure Mode: This option lets you section an area on the map and shows the points, defenses, and travel time (foot & vehicle) for that area.
  • Elevation: This option shows the elevation data on the map that helps to judge the mountain area more closely.

From the Maps section at the top, you can compare all four maps and which one higher number of items and loot. This helps you choose the correct map depending on how much loot you want to be available which plays a key factor in the difficulty of the game.

You can explore the PUBG maps here.

Wrap Up provides detailed insight into the game. With interactive maps and statistics about other game items, you can gain all the information about the game. If you are really into PUBG then you should check out this website, it would be really handy to fully know the game and build strategies.

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