Recap All Game of Thrones Episodes with Interaction GOT Map

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This article talks about an interactive GOT map that you can use to recap all Game Of Thrones episodes. This interactive map is available as an Android app which is available on the Play Store. You can install it from there and then recap all the GOT whether you are watching the HBO series or reading the books.

GOT Map Free app has a Game of Thrones map covering all the location ever released in the TV show and the books. The map is interactive, you can tap on any location and read about it. In order to recap, this lists all the TV show episodes, books, characters, settlements, and areas of Game Of Thrones. You can browse all these options to recap the story and gain deeper knowledge about characters, houses, settlements, and the overall story itself.

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Recap All Game Of Thrones Episodes with Interaction GOT Map

When you open this app, it welcomes you with a map of Game Of Thrones. You can scroll the map around to view all the areas and navigate to any particular locations by either by a dobule-tap or a pinch. Along with the map, this app has lots of other info about Game Of Thrones.


Here are all the features you get in this app for GOT recap:

  • TV Series Recap: This section covers all the episodes of GOT TV Services with their detailed plot discussion and character mapping.
  • Books: This section covers the GOT plots from all the Books. This feature is not available in the free version of the app.
  • Characters: This section lists all the characters of the GOT and provides detailed info about them.
  • Settlements: This section lists all the settlements happened in GOT along with the respective location on the map.
  • Areas: This section list all the areas of GOT along with their history and location on the map.

GOT Recap


In order to recap GOT, this app lists all the (released) episodes of Game Of Thrones. You can select any episode from any season to read about the plot and all the other relevant information.


When you pick an episode, it marks all the locations covered in that episode on the map. From there, you can play the recap button to revise everything from that episode. The recap button opens a timeline at the bottom and visits each location one by one in chronological order. On each location, it shows all the characters involved along with the plot of the story including important transcript. From this screen, you can tap on any character to read their biography, history, and quotes.

Deep Details


And, if you are a ‘nerd’ and wanna dive deeper in the story then the Characters and Settlements are the best sections recap and build theories. In these sections, you can study each character deeper and know about all the settlements along with the places where they happened.

Wrap Up

GOT Map Free is a nice app to browse all the territories of Game Of Thrones. It provides detailed information about each character, episode, book, areas, settlements, and more. All this information makes it a must-have app for a GOT fan.

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