Create Custom Illustration Using This Free Hand-Drawn Illustration Library

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In this blog post, you will read about how to create custom illustrations using this free hand-drawn illustration library.

Open Peeps is a free website where you can discover a curated collection of hand-drawn doodles. These illustrations are created to use for comics, marketing, storyboarding, product, user flows, product states, personas, and more.

These illustrations can work on Sketch, Figma, XD, and Studio. You can easily mix and match humans with different faces, head, clothing, accessories, facial expressions, standing, and sitting poses.

A few of the features are about to come soon to make this library more useful. For example, you will get more body types, expressions, pets, and more customizable standing and sitting positions. Let’s explore more illustrations and mix and match the characters below.

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ready to download illustrations

Download Free Hand Drawn Illustration Library for Sketch, Figma, XD

If you are looking for the hand-drawn doodles for your project, you can head to this website Open Peeps. On this website, you will find a library full of hand-drawn doodles or characters.

The illustration library has a lot of parts of the human body. This is because you can mix and match the characters with different faces, head, clothing, accessories, facial expressions, and more. Here, you can also use standing and sitting poses for your characters.

This website works like building blocks that are made of vector body parts like legs, arms, emotions, etc. Here, you just have to download the library and make a pair of clothing, change hairstyles, facial expressions, sitting & standing poses, and more on a designing platform.

download hand drawn full library as zip file

In order to download the library, you will have to put 0$ in the price section. Thereafter, you might need to enter your email id to get the library. After this, you will be able to download the complete library of hand-drawn illustrations. You can save the illustrations in Zip file or directly save it to Dropbox.

To mix and match the characters, you need to use a design tool such as Figma, Sketch, XD, and Studio. Then, you can select a body, change the hair, color, add emotions and feelings, clothing, etc., to make the character of your choice.

If you want to explore ready to download illustration, you can scroll down the website to download peeps in standing and sitting positions. The illustrations are available in PNG and SVG formats.

The library of illustrations is in under CCO license (Public-domain). This means you can copy, distribute, modify, remix, and use the work for your personal and commercial purpose. It does not require you to request any permission. You can use the work without any attribution as well. So we can say the website is quite useful.

In brief

Open Peeps is a great platform to discover an amazing collection of doodles. The library is full of human illustrations. You can either go with ready to download the characters. Or, you can download the library with head, hairstyle, clothing, etc. This way, you can easily import the characters on a design tool and edit the characters exactly the way you want.

Visit the website here.

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