5 Online Games For Family Reunions

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This article talks about 5 online games for family reunions.

Different people do different type of things in their family reunions. During the day, they cook, talk, play, go out together and do other stuff which they are interested in.

At the end of the day, after having dinner, generally, people talk, watch TV or play games. But, these days its hard to find a household game laying around. On top of that, most of the new generation either find them boring or have no idea about them. Now, I’m not denying that there is no offline game that you can play with your family; I’m just suggesting you some online games that you can try. You can cast them to the TV and play with your family. So, if you want to give online games a try, here are some suggestions for you.

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Here Are 5 Online Games For Family Reunions:

Strategy Games

online strategy games for family reunions

Strategy games are a really good choice for family reunions. These types of games involve lots of thinking and talking. For example, there is a game called “Empty Room“. In this game, you are locked inside a room which is almost empty but has many hidden items. To get out of the room, you have to find all those items and make a strategy. In these types of games, the whole family can contribute to finish the game and enjoy the experience. Or, you can make different teams and compete with each. In this way, the engagement level would be doubled.

Give these online games for family reunions a try here.

Trivia Games

online strategy trivia for family reunions

Trivia games is another good option for family reunions. And, the most convenient way to play trivia is on a digital device. Trivia Plaza is a free online trivia game website. It has a vast collection of trivia games covering a wide range of topics. You can play these trivia in teams. From educational trivia to movie trivia, cars trivia, celebrity trivia, you can easily find interesting and entertaining trivia here. Each trivia gives you 10 multiple choice questions where you have to select the correct answer as per your knowledge. For each correct answer, you get 1 point and for the wrong answer, you get zero. At end of the trivia, you get a score out of 10 which you can use to pick the winner.

Check out these online trivia games for family reunions here.

Dice Games

online board games for family reunions

The next game option for family reunions is dice games. Dice games have a good history so, the elderly are also well aware of these types of games. In the dice games, you can go with Snake & Ladder, Ludo, Poker Dice, Prchishi, Chicken Foot, Mexican Train, etc. Some of these are popular and well-known games and others are a mixture of the modern era with classic dice games. The rules are very simple in these games, you can brief everyone within a minute and start playing.

Here is the link to try these online dice games for family reunions.

Card Games

online card games for family reunions

If you are into card games, you can play them online as well. Card Mania offers lots of card games titles which you can play online. You can play these games against the computer or can play them with other players online. You can also create your game group, add members and play these cards games with them. At Card Mania, you can play games like FreeCell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Yukon Solitaire, Rummy and more.

Try these online card games for family reunions here.

Movie Games

online movie games for family reunions

Another good option for family reunions is movie quiz. There are many types of movies quiz games you can find online, like Guess The Movie, Who’s This Celebrity, and so on. The one game I find really entertaining and fun is “Can You Guess the Movie from the Famous Quote?“. In this game, a famous movie dialog is shown on the screen along with four movie names. You have to guess from which movie that dialog belongs. Games like this can be really entertaining to play with family.

You can try these online movie games for family reunions here.

Closing Words:

These games can be a good option for family reunions. They are fun and involve lots of talking and cooperation means, it’s not gonna be boring. The really good part could be, the elderly catching up with these online games and grown-ups helping them out. So, the online games can be really fun and entertaining. Do consider them in case you don’t have a better option available.

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