5 Fun Physics Games For Kids Websites Free

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In this article, I will cover 5 fun Physics games for kids.

Kids love games, but most games don’t help them learn anything useful. They could be entertaining but not useful or educational.

So, today I will cover 5 free websites where kids can play fun physics games. These games featured on these websites are based on various concepts, terminologies, and laws of Physics. Besides being fun and entertaining these games also help kids to get familiar with laws of Physics.

Let’s start the list and discuss these fun Physics games websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Fun Games For Kids Websites Free:


fun Physics games for kids

CK-12 is an educational foundation. It offers online simulators for better understanding and interactive learning. These simulators simulate the real-world scenario and help kids to understand the Physics behind that. You can find around 100 real-world simulations here. In each simulation, first, it explains the situation and Physics behind it. Then, it takes you to the simulation where you can control the factors affecting that particular scenario. For example, there is a ‘Bow and Arrow’ simulation. In the simulation, you can change distance, launch angle, launch speed etc. to see the difference. This way you will know which factors affect what and why.

Give these fun Physics games for kids a try here.


fun Physics games for kids

ScienceKids is a free educational website that provides Science related content for kids. Here, you can find experiments, quizzes, games, videos, projects and more. Under games section, there are lots of games based on various topics of Physics. Every game helps you understand a term of Physics and how it works. For example, there is a game called ‘Friction‘ where you have to push a car on a track. In order to win the game, you have to reach the finish line. To do that, you have to select a track surface that exerts less friction and let the car reach farther. It also gives you guidelines and explanation for your every action in the game. This game helps kids can learn about friction and its effect. This way kids can learn Physics by playing these games.

Check out these fun Physics games for kids here.


fun Physics games for kids

PBSKids website offers lots of education focused games to help kids learn the Science in fun way. The games here are based on science topics and terminologies. In the starting of every game, the animated character(s) of that game explains you the what the game is about and what you have to do. The character guides you through the game and tells you the Physics behind it.

PBSKids itself it an educational website for kids and they also have cartoon shows on TV. In these games, they bring their cartoon characters and science together to help kids easily learn Science via games.

You can try these fun Physics game for kids here.


fun Physics games for kids

FlashPhysicsGames.com is a free website featuring small Flash-based Physics games. Here, you can play over 50 different games based on various Physics topics. These games cover laws of Physics and help kids under various Physics terminology while having fun playing games. Every game here features realistic Object-Physics, and the elements in the game mimic real-world actions. Although these games lack the assistance to explain the situation and Physics behind it. But, the real-world scenario is pretty fun and help kids understand how things work in the real world.

Here is the link to try these fun Physics game for kids.


fun Physics games for kids

PhysicsGames.com is another free website where you can find hundreds of fun Physics games. The games here are really fun and entertaining. This website gives you various options for the games. Here, you get 5 different categories of games like Projectile Game, Stacking Games, Construction Games, etc. Kids can have fun while playing these games and learn Physics at the same time.

Try these fun Physics games for kids here.

Wrap Up

Fun Physics games featured on these free websites are a good medium to let your kids learn Physics while having fun.

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