6 Online Aquarium Volume Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 6 free online aquarium volume calculator websites. All of these sites are pretty useful to check the fish tank volume based on different input dimensions like tank full width, tank length, tank height, etc. Most of these sites also support different shapes of aquariums like rectangular prism, cylinder, half cylinder, cube, hexagon tank, and more.

Some of these sites have unique features also. For example, you can get sharing link for output calculation, automatically get output immediately after entering the input dimensions, get output in US and UK gallons and in liters, view shape of aquarium selected by you, etc.

Let’s check these aquarium volume calculators one by one.



Omnicalculator is one of the best websites for aquarium volume calculation. The number of aquarium shapes supported by this website is more than any other fish tank volume calculators covered on this list. Here is the link. The supported aquarium shapes for fish tank volume calculation are:

  • Bow front.
  • Cylinder.
  • Corner bow front.
  • Quarter cylinder.
  • Half cylinder.
  • Cube, and
  • Rectangular prism.

When you select an aquarium type, its shape is visible automatically including full width, length, height, etc. Now you can enter the dimensions such as tank full width, width, tank length, etc., and it will provide tank volume in liters, cubic centimeters, cubic feet, cubic decimeters, or other value selected by you.

The result can also be shared with others using the link generated by this aquarium volume calculator.

Think fish Tank Volume Calculator

Think fish Tank Volume Calculator

Think fish Tank Volume Calculator is a great competitor of Omnicalculator and other sites available here. It is so because it supports 6 different types of aquariums. Click on this link to open this aquarium volume calculator. The supported aquariums are: hexagon tank, spherical tank, rectangular/square tank, corner tank, and cylindrical fish tank.

Provide the input dimensions that may include tank diameter, tank distance A, tank distance B, tank length, tank width, tank height, etc., based on the type of aquarium, and you can get the output. The dimensions are entered in cm and output is generated in US gallons, liters, and imperial gallons.

You can also convert inches to cms so that you will have good idea about the dimension values.


Aquaticcommunity.com aquarium volume calculator

Aquaticcommunity.com is a very good online option for aquarium volume calculation. You can calculate volume for cylindrical aquarium, rectangular aquarium, and hexagonal (multi-sided) aquarium. Here is the link to its aquarium volume calculator tool.

The interface looks a bit old, but the tool is really good. The good thing is you can calculate volume of all the fish tanks on the same tab. No need to open a separate tab or refresh the existing tab to get the results. Provide tank length, height, and width, diameter, number of sides, etc., based on the fish tank type, and calculate the output. You will get the output fish tank volume in US gallons, Liters, and UK gallons.


Fishlore.com aquarium volume calculator

Fishlore.com is another fantastic aquarium volume calculator. The link is here. It also provides the features similar to Aquaticcommunity.com website. You can use it to calculate volume for rectangle fish tank, cylinder aquarium, and hexagon aquarium.

This website has two good options which make it a bit better than above mentioned website. It provides a sample image for all the types of aquariums for which it can provide the output. Another option is that the output is generated automatically. You don’t need to use calculate or some other button.

When you add fish tank length, one side length (for hexagon aquarium), tank height, etc., then the output calculation is generated immediately. The output shows aquarium volume in US and UK gallons and liters.

Amazing Amazon

Amazing Amazon

Amazing Amazon has also reserved its place on this list. It lets you calculate volume for:

  • Cube tank.
  • Cylinder tank.
  • Rectangle tank.
  • Corner tank, and
  • Half cylinder tank.

A diagram is also provided for any of the tank selected by you. Once you’ve selected the tank type and updated it, you can add tank side, water depth, filter volume, tank width, tank length, etc., depending on the selected tank, and you can get the output. The result shows total water volume in liters.

The best part is it also provides the suggestions that you should have minimum weight of calgrit, salt, etc., to get sufficient amount of depth for the tank size specified by you.

Aquarium Dimensions

Aquarium Dimensions

Aquarium Dimensions has one unique feature which catches the attention. Its link is here. You can set quantity (number of fish tanks) and get the output for all those tanks. It lets you set tank height, length, and width, and then you can calculate the output for one or number of aquariums set by you. It also provides estimated price for glass aquariums empty for a 10 gallon and 400 pounds empty for a 265 gallon. This will be helpful as you can have an idea before buying an aquarium.

The result will show you tank volume in liters and US gallons. It doesn’t come with options to calculate volume for hexagon fish tank or cylinder aquarium. It is mainly useful to calculate the volume of rectangle fish tank. This is all this website does. If you need a simpler aquarium volume calculator, then this website deserves a try.

The Conclusion:

These are the best free online aquarium volume calculator websites covered by us. All are really good to find out tank volume and some are more useful because those support different aquarium shapes. Among all these aquarium volume calculators, my favorite on this list is “Omnicalculator“.

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