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Here are 5 free online vector avatar generator to create stunning cartoon avatars. All of these websites offer various styles for predefined body elements like face, nose, eyes, ears, hair, and more. You can simply add any of these elements to your avatar just by clicking on them. You also get accessories like sunglasses and clothes which can be added as well. Another interesting thing about these vector avatar creators is that they come with many background graphics which can make your avatars more visually appealing.

After creating avatars, they can be downloaded as vector files. Apart from letting you download the avatars as vector files, some of them even allow you to save them as PNG or PDF files. There are other websites available which allow you to create avatars and save them as normal images like JPEG or PNG. But, if you want to create vector avatars and save them as SVG files, then these websites can help you with that.

vector avatar generator

Let’s get started with the free online vector avatar generator.


Face.co is one of the best free online vector avatar generator which lets you create high-resolution avatars. You can use it to create avatars for both male and female by selecting different face styles, eyes, hairstyles, clothes, and backgrounds. For each of these body elements, it offers multiple predefined styles. For example, to select the avatar face, you will be able to choose from 15 different face styles. Apart from these elements, you will also be able to manually select a mouth style, nose, ears, eye shape, eyebrows, mustache, and more to create the avatar.

After opening the homepage of this avatar generator, you will be asked to choose a gender among Male and Female. Then the editor will open up where you will see the options to select the body elements of the avatar. You can also change the color of each element that you add. Once you’re all set with the avatar, you can either save it as a vector (SVG) file to your PC. It also lets you save it as a PNG file and share via Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Hexatar is another free online vector avatar generator which allows you to create stylish avatars with ease. It is perfect for anyone who loves LEGO cartoons, as the generated avatar will look like a LEGO character. This one also lets you create avatars for man and women. You will be able to choose different styles for the face, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, eyebrows, hair, and more. It also comes with a clothes section where you will be able to choose and add outfits, hat, and eyeglasses to the avatar. It also comes with many predefined backgrounds which you can add to the avatar.

When you open this website, you can simply select a gender to proceed and open the avatar editor. After that, you will see all the options at the bottom of the editor using which you can add all the above elements to the avatar. Another useful feature is that you can change the color tone of all the added elements. Once done, you can go ahead and download the avatar as an SVG file. Remember, to download the avatar in vector format you would need to register for a free account. You can also save the avatar as a PNG and PDF file.

Avatar Creator:

Avatar Creator is also a pretty simple and free online vector avatar creator which can be used to make beautiful avatars in no time. The interface is quite similar to that of “Face.co” and even the features. You can easily create a male avatar or female avatar by selecting a predefined style of the eyes, face, mouth, ears, nose, eyebrows, hair, etc. In addition to that, you can also add pre-designed clothes and eyeglasses, and set a stylish graphics background.

Once you visit the homepage of this avatar generator, you will see the option to choose a gender. After you select one, the avatar editor will open up and you can proceed to add the elements. At the bottom of the editor, you will see some more options to tilt the head a little to the left or right, change the color of the elements which you have added to the avatar. After you have completed creating the avatar, you can either share it with others or download as a vector file or PNG file.

Character Creator:

Character Creator is another online vector avatar generator which you can use to create and download astonishing avatars for free. Unlike other avatar generators explained in this post, this one allows you to create an avatar of the entire body and not just the upper body section. You can choose a male or female avatar and customize it with predefined body elements including head, body, feet, legs, torso, etc. For each element category, it offers various styles such as for the head, you will see ears styles, iris, pupil, nose, hair, age, and more. This website has more customization features than of the other vector avatar generators.

You can simply go to the homepage of this website and then select a male or female body. After that, you will see the customization options on the left of the avatar editor and you can design the avatar as you desire. You can change the color for each element or accessory which you have added. After you have done customizing the avatar, you can download it as an SVG file to your PC.

Avatar Generator:

Avatar Generator (by GenerateIt.net) can also be used to create high-resolution and stylish vector avatars. This one is quite similar to “Face.co” and “Avatar Creator” in terms of the interface as well as the features. It lets you easily create avatars by adding various body elements like face, nose, ears, hair, eyes, and more to a dummy upper body section. There are also many predefined backgrounds which you can apply to your avatars to make them look more appealing.

Using this website is pretty simple, as all you gotta do is open the homepage and choose a gender. Once done, the editor will open with all the predefined elements which you can apply to the avatar with just a click. Changing color of the added elements is also possible. When you have completed editing the avatar you can save or share it directly. This one also lets you download the created avatars as vector files or PNG files.

Closing Works:

So, these are some of the best free online vector avatar generator which helps you create astonishing avatars and download them as vector files. Personally, I like all of these websites as they come with intuitive options and are very easy to use. Start creating your own high-resolution cartoon avatars and make them your social profile pictures.

Use them and let me know which vector avatar generator you liked the most.

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