5 Free Online Guitar Tuner to Tune Guitar using PC Microphone

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In this post, we will talk about 5 free online guitar tuner that can be used to tune guitar using PC microphone. You can use them to find the current tuning of the strings and then make adjustments to tuning pegs to get the accurate tuning. For that, you would need to open these websites on a microphone enabled PC (or use a headphone) and then pluck the guitar strings. As you do that, they will automatically detect the notes which are being played and show you the tuning in real-time. After that, you can understand whether the strings are too flat or too sharp and then change them until they are tuned perfectly.

In other words, these websites work just like the real digital guitar tuner or the guitar tuner apps. If you’re worried about the accuracy, then let me assure you that they are pretty accurate, as I have tested them personally. But, one thing you need to keep in mind while tuning your guitar is that make sure there is no background noise to get a better result.

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Let’s get started with the online guitar tuner and see how to use them for tuning.

Online Guitar Tuner (by Ultimate-Guitar):

Online Guitar Tuner (by Ultimate-Guitar) is a free online guitar tuner which you can use to tune your acoustic guitar with ease. To do that, you can simply connect your headphone (that has a microphone) to your PC, open this website, and then pick the guitar strings one after another. As you do that, it will automatically listen to the sound of the strings using the microphone and detect the current tuning in real-time. After that, it will tell you how you can achieve the perfect tuning for each string.

When you pick a string, you can actually see whether it is tuned correctly or you need to loosen or tighten it. This way you can tune all the strings separately. Apart from letting you tune guitar, this website also has some additional features using which you can find tabs and chords for popular songs, create & publish your own tabs, etc.

Online Guitar Tuner (by JamPlay):

Online Guitar Tuner (by JamPlay) is also a useful guitar tuner which can help you easily tune your guitar online for free. This website also uses the microphone to listen to your guitar strings and then figure out their tuning automatically. When you open this online guitar tuner, it will allow you to manually set the input level control and microphone. After that, just pluck the strings and then it will show you the real-time tuning of the strings on a digital meter. The meter will display whether the notes are too flat, too sharp, or perfectly tuned.

You can then use the reading and accordingly adjust the guitar strings. You can also see the tuning frequency and sound input meter on the tuner. It also comes with a “No-Microphone” mode in which you can tune your guitar by listening to the standard tune of guitar strings online.

Tom Hoddes Guitar Tuner:

Tom Hoddes Guitar Tuner can also be used to seamlessly and effectively tune your acoustic and electric guitar online. This free tuner lets you pick the guitar strings to a microphone or headphone (with mic) connected to your PC and then find out how they are tuned currently. The tuning is detected automatically and shown with the help of a simple digital meter. You can then use the real-time output to adjust your guitar strings by making adjustments to the tuning pegs. You would need to keep doing that until the needle on the meter displays that they are perfectly tuned.

Each time you open this website, it gives you a 5-minute slot to tune your guitar. After that, it will pause the tuner automatically but you can click the “Play” button to start it again for another 5-minute session. It is no doubt one of the simplest online guitar tuners with a clean interface.

Gieson Guitar Tuner:

Gieson Guitar Tuner is also a very useful online guitar tuner which can assist you to get your acoustic guitar tuned perfectly. For that, all you would need is to open this website on a microphone enabled PC (or you can also use a headphone with mic) and then pluck the strings. As you pluck a string, it will use the microphone to listen to the note and display which note is being played in real-time. It will also analyze the current tuning of that particular string in real-time.

The tuning can be seen on a simple fretboard with the flat or sharp value for each string. Then you can loosen or tighten the pegs to bring the note value to “0” to get the correct tuning. One of the best features of this website is that it supports multiple tunings like Standard, All Fourth, Aug Fourths, and more.

ProGuitar Tuner:

ProGuitar Tuner is another free online guitar tuner which lets you tune your acoustic as well as an electric guitar with ease. Similar to other tuners explained in this post, this one also uses your PC’s microphone to detect the strings you play on your guitar and then tell you how they are tuned. This one also shows the tuning in real-time on a digital meter and from the needle, you can understand whether the strings are too flat or too sharp. Then make the peg adjustments to tune the strings accurately.

You can also set the mic sensitivity and noise level manually. It supports different types of guitar like Standard, 4-String, 12-String, 7-String, and more. This website also comes with a “No-Microphone” mode where you can simply play the sound of each string and try to match them with your guitar for tuning.

Closing Words:

So, if you have been looking for a way to tune your guitar online with the help of a PC microphone, then the websites explained in this post can help you do that. These online guitar tuners enable you to efficiently tune your guitar in no time. Not just that, you can even save some bucks from spending on a real digital tuner. They are simply awesome and easy to use.

After trying these online guitar tuners, do let me know if you were able to tune your guitar accurately in the comments.

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