5 Best Free Fat Intake Calculator To Calculate Daily Fat Intake

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Let us checkout some of the best Free Fat Intake Calculator Websites. These websites let you calculate daily fat intake so that you can plan your diet accordingly.

To calculate the fat intake, these tools require some input from you. You will have to enter your age, gender, weight, height, and your workout activity. Some may also ask if you want to gain, loose, or maintain body weight. Based on your input, you get the amount of fat you should consume daily to reach your goal.

The Fat Intake Calculator tools mentioned here are somewhat different from each other. Let us checkout these tools one at a time. This will help you determine which one is the best for you.

You may want to give these Body Fat Percentage Calculator websites a look.

Here Are The Best Fat Intake Calculator Websites:

Fat Intake Calculator (BodyBuilding)

Fat Intake Calculator from BodyBuilding is one of the best calculators in this list. It asks for your age, gender, height, and weight as input. Then set your goal, if you want to loose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight. You will also have to select your activity level. Here, you can set if you are highly active, moderately active, or lightly active. Based on your input, it calculates the target daily fat intake in Grams.

Checkout this calculator here.

Fat Intake Calculator (Calculator.net)

Fat Intake Calculator from Calculator.net asks some information about you, then provides a chart as output. In this chart, you can view daily fat allowance to lose, gain, and maintain weight. Along with it, you also get daily Calorie allowance, saturated fat allowance. So, it is not just a fat intake calculator, but also a calorie intake calculator.

As input, you will have to enter your age, gender, height, weight, and select activity level. When you carry out the calculation, the chart appears as displayed in the screenshot. You get daily calorie intake, daily fat intake, and daily saturated fat intake. You also get daily saturated fat intake to reduce chances of heart disease.

Use this tool here.

Daily Fat Intake Calculator

Daily Fat Intake Calculator from ShapeFit lets you calculate ideal daily fat intake, mono/polyunsaturated fat intake, and saturated fat intake for your body. For this, the only input you need to provide is your body weight. You can either enter your body weight in Kgs or Pounds. As you click the Calculate button, the values of fat intake are displayed in grams and calories.

It is pretty simple and good calculator if this is the information you need.

Use this calculator here.

Fat Calculator

Fat Calculator from e-Tools Age is again a fat intake calculator that gives you ideal daily fat intake based on certain information provided by you. Simply select your gender, enter your age, weight, and height, then select your activity level. This calculator tells you how much fat you should take per day and what should be your daily Calorie intake to maintain your weight.

Access this calculator here.

Daily Fat Requirement for Weight Loss / Gain

Daily Fat Requirement for Weight Loss / Gain is a bit advanced than the above mentioned calculators. Along with the basic information, like age, gender, weight, height, and your exercise mode, it also asks if you want to reduce, maintain, or increase your weight. You will also have to enter your goal weight. To enter these values, you can use Metric or Imperial system.

It gives you a daily fat intake in grams to attain your goal. Give it a try here.

Closing Words

These were some of the best daily fat requirement websites that you can use for a healthy living.

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