5 Free Bird Guide Apps for Android

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Here, you will read about 5 free bird guide apps for Android. This is the easiest way to learn about thousands of species of birds in one place. Here, in these bird guide apps, you will get to know about hundreds of bird families. The apps let you know about different kind of bird types. Also, you can view images to recognize birds. You can listen to the sounds of each bird.

A few of these apps let you save information about birds. It is a simple solution to access it later without scrolling the list. Besides that, you can watch birds around you and know what bird it is. Similarly, you can use an Android app to identify dog breed by photo.

All the apps have great features in different aspects. Some of them let you read the content on Wikipedia right from within the app. Doing so, you don’t need to search for birds separately. Just look up the pictures and find information in the app.

Let’s read about bird guide apps for Android.

1. Birds Complete Reference Guide

Bird guide Android app

Birds Complete Reference Guide is one good bird guide app for Android. As the name suggests the app is a complete guide for birds.

When you open the app, it shows the bird families. There are more than 200 bird families. It includes about 11000 species. The app shows the bird picture along with the family name and the number of species. Then, you can tap on the bird family to open it. You will notice that the particular bird family has several species. You can read about each bird individually.

Also, you can listen to the sound, see images, play videos of the bird. The app lets you read the content on Wikipedia as well. You can mark any bird as favorite so that you can read about it later.

The search bar is also helpful to find birds. Besides that, you can search for birds by country. You can create a list of birds separately as well.

2. GoBird

Bird guide Android app

GoBird is a free bird guide app for Android. When you open the app, it shows the list of birds from different species. You can tap on any bird to view the location. You can know the presence of birds nearby you. The app lets you know the last observation of birds with the time.

The app displays the name of birds along with the image. You can view photos in different angles, listen to sounds, find particular bird species in map. You can read the bird guide in Wiki from the app. To make your results relevant, you can apply the filter to sort observations within the last 14 days and within 25 km. It also shows a map where the bird has been spotted.

3. Bird Find

Bird guide Android app

Bird Find is another bird guide app for Android. Now, this particular app lets you watch birds with high-resolution images. Once you open the app, it shows the images of different bird species. You can swipe up in order to view the bird guide. It shows the name of the bird, size, habits, localities, etc. Similarly, you can look for other birds. For that, you can slide left then it shows the image of the bird. After this, you can swipe up to view the information.

You can directly play a slideshow of the bird images. And if you find any bird interesting then read the details of that bird. Also, you can set the birds image as  wallpaper by tapping on the arrow icon on top.

4. Audubon Bird Guide

Bird guide Android app

Audubon Bird Guide is a free bird guide app for Android. The app prompts you to enter your email id in order to use it for free.

After logging in, you can browse birds by bird family and alphabetically. If you sort birds by family then you can find the long list of birds alphabetically. The list includes bird family with several species. You can sort result alphabetically with sounds. Also, you can listen to bird sounds.

The app provides you description with bird personality traits, songs, and calls, range, discussion, nesting, etc. You can search for recent sightings and similar birds as well.

5. Bird Encyclopedia

Bird guide Android app

Bird Encyclopedia can also be a good option to use as a bird guide app for Android. The app is like a game where you can play puzzle and quiz as well.

To get complete bird guidance, you can go to categories after opening the app. The category has a list of bird families. You can go to any bird family to know about different species.

The app lets you read the description in details. You can read about a bird’s behavior, appearance, status, etc. You can tap on the play in order to start the text speech. It can be a good option for learning bird names with proper pronunciation. You can save these details within your app to access it later.

In brief

Birds bring peace to you. And if you’re a bird lover, you must be knowing about different species. But there are thousands of species around the world you might not know about. Using the bird guide apps, you can learn about the bird’s behavior, the family of birds along with images. Also, you can listen to their sound to recognize better.

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