5 Best Free Text Expansion Apps For Android

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Here is a curated list of 5 best free text expansion apps for Android. The main purpose of these apps is to help you save your precious time by assigning shortcuts for commonly used phrases. You can use these apps to work faster with your Android devices. Instead of typing a full phrase, simply set an abbreviation for that and write faster than usual. Some of them have limits for saving phrases in the free version which can be removed by purchasing the pro versions.

Let’s look at these Android apps below.



Texpand is probably one of the best text expansion apps for Android. Using this app, you can keep a record for frequently used phrases in your phone. That means you can store regular phrases into a database and access them while browsing, texting, writing emails, etc. All you have to do is assign a short name for a specific long phrase, such that whenever you type the short name, the app will automatically recommend using the long phrase. It can expand phrases or text on different apps like Facebook, Twitter, default Messaging app, Chrome, and much more.

You can use this app with virtual keyboards like Google Keyboard, Android Keyboard, Swiftkey, etc. Use dynamic values to add time and date with a custom format and also the clipboard text. The best part of this app is that it lets you exclude apps from text expansion. You can also backup your text data to phone storage and Google Drive.



EverClip is another amazing app for Android that comes with a text expander. In addition to that, it also comes with unique features like web clipper and clipboard monitor. The main objective of this app is to help you process data quickly. Whatever data you enter can be stored directly to Evernote. Use the text expander feature to save and access whatever phrases you type frequently on your phone. Whether it can be a business email, love quotes, wishes, etc., you can simply use this app to assign abbreviation for them.

Simply create a snippet by assigning an abbreviation for a long phrase. When you type the shortcut, the content related to it will automatically expand on different apps like default messenger, WhatsApp, Chrome, Gmail, etc. The clipboard monitor automatically saves whatever text you have copied to your clipboard. Use the web clipper to fetch web info from URLs and save it to Evernote.

Blueduino Autotext Keyboard:


It is a simple keyboard app for Android that integrates with your device and helps you expand text with shortcuts. Unlike the above apps, it comes with a built-in keyboard, which you can use for easy access to regular phrases or normal typing. Sometimes, you might get irritated while typing repetitive text, then use “Blueduino Keyboard” to assign abbreviations for them instead of typing the whole.

You can easily define small substitutions for long phrases while writing an email, or texting with friends. It supports different keyboard layouts including English, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, German, and more. For the abbreviations, you can choose options like direct replacement of text or pop-up suggestion. The other features include date/time picker, switch keyboards, external keyboard support, etc.

Auto Text Keyboard Lite:

keyboard lite

Auto Text Keyboard Lite is another keyboard app for Android which comes with a text expander feature. You can assign shortcuts for long phrases or text that you use frequently. For example, you can add the abbreviation for “Thank You” as “TY” or “I Love You” as “ILY”. It reduces hassle while writing messages, texting, posting regular comments on Facebook, etc. and saves your precious time. You can either set direct replacement or predictive suggestions for the assigned shortcuts.

It observes your typing nature and suggests you with some related words while typing. For each shortcut, you can add date and time macros, optional description, etc. You can use the abbreviations on different apps like Gmail, Facebook, default messenger, etc. It also supports multiple languages for keyboard layouts such as Bulgarian, Danish, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, and much more.

Autotext PhraseExpress:


Using Autotext PhraseExpress you can insert long regularly used phrases from an intuitive pop-up menu. That means, when you tap on the text box within any apps including Facebook, default messenger, Chrome, etc., you will see a small pop-up icon on the box. Simply tap the icon to get access to your shortcuts. Assign abbreviation for long phrases and the app will do the rest.

You can also view data statistics and sync with Google Drive. Unlike the abo0ve apps, you don’t have to open the app again and again, as it gets integrated with your text box. All the features and settings of this app will be accessible once you tap the icon.

My Final Verdict:

Among all of the above text expansion apps for Android, my favorite one is “EverClip”. In addition to text expander, it also offers unique features like web clipper and clipboard monitor which we have already discussed. Try these apps in order to type faster and save time.

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