20 Best Free Podcasts for Kids

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Parents are always concerned about their kids watching too much TV. To keep kids busy apart from TV, we need to think of ways which can engage kids in a fun way. Podcasts can be a great way for this engagement to occur minus the screen time. Podcasts are a fun and educational way to engage kids. But when you start searching the web, you will find so many kids podcasts that you would not know which to use. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Best Podcasts for Kids, which they can listen to and understand things better.

Let’s look at these best podcasts for kids websites below.

But Why

But Why is a free kids podcast website where you will find a lot of podcasts to the question “why”. Kids are always curious and keep on asking, why this? why that? This podcast will help your curious kids with some answers. The podcast covers various topics and answers some simple questions which may not have simple answers. Each episode of the podcast has several questions asked by kids based on a particular theme. The questions are answered in a easy way for kids to understand.


KidNuz is a free website which offers news for kids. Kids can listen to the top stories of the day be it politics, entertainment, sports, etc. There is a player right on the website from where you can play and listen to the podcasts. You can also sign up for their daily delivery newsletter which can be quite useful. You can get all the current news in a kid friendly way in about 5 minutes.

As growing kids are more curious about the world around them and want to know what is happening, this website can come handy to update kids with the things going on around them. This website is dedicated to bringing news for kids to educate them without forming any opinions.

The Past & the Curious

The Past & the Curious is a website to hear stories from the past. These are stories of inspiration, achievement, humor, etc. The stories are told in a fun way to keep everyone engaged. Though the stories are from past, every effort is made to keep them fun and humorous. Also, each story has a song in it which is quite fun to listen to. There is also a quiz at the end of the podcasts, to make sure that kids learn something from it. To listen, just click on the episode that you want to listen to and click the play button.

Book Club for Kids

Book Club for Kids is a website with podcasts about books read by kids. It is a biweekly podcast which has kids discussing the recent book they read. The podcast has a host called Kitty Felde who along with middle school children discuss books read by them. The podcast also has some famous people drop in to the discussions from time to time.

Story Time

Story Time as the name suggests is a bedtime story podcast. The stories are all kid friendly and usually short like 10 to 15 minutes long. The soothing voice of the narrator might even put your kids to sleep. The podcast is best for children of ages 2-13. The short duration of the stories keeps children interested and engaged.

Ahway Island

Ahway Island contains relaxing short stories for kids. Each story you listen to starts with meditation to relax and calm one self. The meditation at the beginning of the story might even put your kid to sleep. Each story in the podcast has a positive message and kids can learn a lot from it. The narrator voices which could be a female voice or a male voice are also quite soothing.

What if World

What if World is a nice podcast where a curious question from a kid is taken and a story is made from it. The host of the podcast Eric O’Keeffe is pretty good at coming up with stories from what if questions. The stories you hear on this podcast will sound like imagination gone wild with stories like what if a weasel could fly?, or what if mountains could turn into backpacks? etc.

Stories Podcast

Stories Podcast is a podcast website with lots of kid friendly stories in it. When you play a podcast you will get a option to download the podcast in MP3 format on the podcast player screen. In case you like the story, then you can download it for hearing later. There is a description option on the player as well which lets you read a small description of the story before you start listening to it. The website also offers you a subscription option by providing your email address, where the story will be delivered to you by email instantly.

Brains On!

Brains On! is a Science podcast for kids of all ages. Each episode of the podcast takes science questions from kids and answer them with the help of experts. Each episode also has a different kid as the co-host. On the home page of its website the recent podcasts are listed in tile format. You can either choose one of the episodes from home page or search for any particular topic you are looking for.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know is a podcast created by the people behind the popular website HowStuffWorks. The website has a good collection of podcasts with over 1000 episodes in its archive. The podcast explains how everyday things work like what makes us yawn?, how TV ratings work? How acne works?, etc. The podcast is best for teenagers who are curious about this stuff and might understand the workings of everyday stuff.

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child provides music for kids and families. The soundtracks included are kid friendly which even grown ups will enjoy. Kids music is by artists like They Might Be Giants, Caspar Babypants, Lunch Money, etc. The home page of the website has playlists which can be listened to right on the website. You can go through the playlist mentioned and listen to the songs you like along with your kids.


Tumble is a science podcast for kids where the hosts tell you interesting stories about scientific discoveries. This science podcast can be enjoyed by the entire family and kids can learn a lot by listening to it. Each podcast is of about 20 minutes duration. That is a good enough time to keep kids engaged. They can learn about a lot of different things like the solar system, wildlife, etc. The podcasts try to inculcate the love for science by picking up fascinating topics and interviewing scientists.

Short & Curly

Short & Curly is a fun podcast for kids about ethics. The podcast is about ethical questions that kids or even adults have like, are some lies actually okay?, when should you stop being friends with someone?, do you have to love your sibling?, etc. The two hosts of the podcast make each topic fun to listen to. The topics vary from school, to the future, to technology, etc.


Storynory is a website with collection of free audio stories for kids. The stories range from fairy tales, original stories, educational stories, myths & world stories, etc. Just go to a story you like and hit the play button given at the top of the story page. There is a text version of the story available as well on the same page in case you want to read along. The website has been around since the year 2005, so be sure to find plenty of stories to listen to.

Dream Big

Dream Big is a fun podcast hosted by seven year old Eva Karpman and her mom Olga. In the podcast they interview celebrities, award winners, experts in various fields. Through these interviews they inspire kids to dream big and follow their dreams. You can listen to the latest episodes of this podcast and you can also subscribe to this podcast.

Five Minutes with Dad

Five Minutes with Dad is a like a conversation kids would have with their father. This podcast is based on the same theme where a father helps his two kids deal with everyday issues like how to care for your community, staying positive in school, etc. These conversations between father and kids will sound very relatable like the everyday conversations happening in your family.

Story Pirates

Story Pirates brings stories written by kids to this podcast. What better podcast to listen to then stories written by kids for kids. Story pirates has a groups of actors, comedians, and musicians who help bring stories to life through these podcasts. You can even see them performing these children’s tales on stage in NYC through musical theater.

Peace Out

Peace Out is a podcast with short stories for kids to help them calm down and relax. This is an ideal podcast for kids to learn mindfulness and self-regulation through activities, breathing exercises and short stories. Just click the listen button on the website and start listening to this calming podcast.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street is one show kids love. They love Elmo, Big Bird, Abby, and Cookie Monster. So listening to a podcast with the same characters wouldn’t be so difficult. You can subscribe to this podcast and listen to them non-stop. Kids learn a lot of good things through the Muppets family like patience, sharing, friendship, etc.

Wow in the World

Wow in the World takes kids and their curious minds on a journey through the wonders in the world. This podcast aims at exploring topics like space, technology, and other scientific things. The hosts Mindy and Guy tell kids all about the new stories in the field of science and technology in a fun way making them curious to learn more about the subject.


These are 20 best podcast for kids which can reduce screen time and make them more engaged in hearing stories and exploring new topics. All the podcasts try to engage kids in some way, so they try to be fun and entertaining. Kids surely will love these podcasts. So give these a try and see which ones does your kid likes the most.

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