5 Websites to Find Baby Names

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Let’s talk about 5 websites which can help you select a perfect baby name for the apple of your eye. When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, two things go through your mind, the meaning of the name and do I like it. Well at least that is what I was concerned with, for the most part obsessed with, though I blame it on the pregnancy hormones. The second part is more important, being a mom I can say that even if the name is not unique it just has to click. That one name which makes you say, Yes, that is my baby.

These websites help you find a perfect name for your baby, when you don’t know where to start your search from. So let’s go ahead and see some good websites which try to help you pick a name for your baby.


baby names

The first website on our list is babynames.com. The website lets you search a baby name by first letter, or you can also go through popular names for both boys and girls. You can also search for names according to the country you are in. The website features one baby name on the homepage as the “name of the day”. Next to this feature you will find a section for trending names for that particular day. You can also read latest celebrity baby news on the website. If you like the website then you can create an account and become a member to receive updates from the website.

Try Babyname.com here.



Next on the list is Nameberry.com to find baby names. The website features a few names inspired by the current month on the homepage of the website. Apart from this the website also shows most popular names for that particular day. You can search for baby names from different categories like popular names, boys names, girls names, unisex names, celebrity baby names, etc. You can also provide your email address on the website to receive emails with baby names specially picked according to your preferences. If you register and become a member of the website, then you can also discuss about names with other members of the website through the forum.

Try Nameberry.com here.


baby name wizard

The third website on our list is babynamewizard.com which will help you find baby names. I liked this website a lot because apart from the regular searches through letters, popular names, etc. it provides many more options. The website provides a tool called name voyager which depicts the popularity of a particular name through time on a graph. I loved this tool, it tells you exactly how popular a name was and in what decade. Apart from this they have the regular features of most popular names, featured names, forum to discuss names, etc.

Try babynamewizard.com here.


behind the name

This website does what its name suggests, behindthename.com, it tells you the origin and history behind a particular name. You can search for names by letter, male, female, or according to country like English, Spanish, French, etc. When you search each name gets listed with a few details. These details include whether it is a male, female or unisex name; countries where it is used most, whether it is a modern or rare name, meaning of the name. When you click a particular name, it further opens in a windows with more details about the name like usage, pronunciation, meaning & history, popularity according to country. Then there are the regular features of name of the day, featured or popular names, message boards, etc.

Try behindthename.com here.

Think Baby Names

think baby names

The last website on our list is thinkbabynames.com to find names. The homepage of the website is pretty neat, they have the options to find a name and its meaning put in three steps. The first step lets you search for a name and its details by entering the name in the search box. Once you enter the name and select the gender and search options given below the search box, just click on the search button. It will show the query results and will list the meaning and origin of the name you searched for. Along with this it will also list the popularity of that name in text as well as a graphical format. The second and third steps on the website do the same thing. The only difference is instead of typing a name, you can pick a name from the list of names provided to you.

Try thinkbabyname.com here.

This concludes our list of websites to find baby names. I found a lovely name for my baby using these websites. So try these websites out and let us know if they helped you with the search of a perfect name for your baby. Happy name hunting.



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