5 Tab Manager Extensions For Chrome

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Here is a list of 5 free tab manager extensions for Chrome. Sometimes we feel frustrated while dealing with lots of tabs, as it becomes difficult to recognize the Tab icons. It becomes problematic for many multi-tasker, as they need to open-up numerous tabs in their browser window and often get confused as they do not remember what each tab represents. To deal with this problem we’ve trimmed Chrome tab management extensions and brought you a collection of tab managers that’ll help you in handling your tabs well, while working in your Chrome browser.

Tabs Outliner:

Tabs Outliner

Tabs Outliner is a free tab manager Chrome add-on that allows you to organize and manage your tabs easily so that you can easily access each tab in your browser window. It lets you open numerous tabs and forms a hierarchical and tree shaped structure which gives you an overview of both, opened and closed tabs. This feature of this add-on lets you recognize each tab separately while dealing with numerous tabs. In case, you face a browser failure, it also provides you a facility to restore your tabs so that you can continue with the previous session. Not only that, it also displays the exact number of open windows and tabs in your Tabs Outliner Icon which is often embedded next to your address bar. This is one of the best tab manager extension for Chrome, as it provides you additional features and lets you change the title of any window, remove the active window, and at the same time lets you close an active session. Grab this tab manager add-on to manage your tabs while working in your Chrome browser.

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TooManyTabs is a free tabs manager Chrome extension that lets you easily manage and organize numerous tabs on your Chrome browser. This tab manager allows you to easily manage all your opened tabs by providing you a preview of each opened tab so that you can easily recognize the tab and access accordingly. It provides you the facility to easily sort preview of all the opened websites. This add-on offers you a search field which enables to find your query and at the same time it provides you various themes so that you can customize the look of this exclusive according to your desire. It helps to reduce the overflow of tabs and lets you arrange the unwanted tabs in the Suspended Tabs column, so that you clear them and access the other tabs more efficiently. It lets you easily restore recently closed tabs and displays the list of the same. Choose this tab manager and keep your multiple tabs well-organized.

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Quick Tab:

Quick Tab

Quick Tab is a free tab manager Chrome plugin that provides you a drop-down menu which displays all the presently opened tabs. This tab manager plugin is basically for those who don’t deal with numerous tabs at a time. It works with a click and immediately opens the particular website when clicked on it. It does not provide you any drag options and does not provide any option to close the opened tab directly from the Quick Tab list. Although these features are not present, it provides you a search field to end up your queries on web. You can opt this tab manager add-on to handle a lesser number of tabs and is apt for those who deal with less than 20 tabs a day.

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Sexy Undo Close Tab:

Sexy Undo Close Tab

Sexy Undo Close Tab is a free tab manager Chrome extension allows you to restore the closed tabs. Soon after installation it begins its task. Whenever you close any tab, it makes a note of the total number of closed tabs and displays the closed tabs number against the icon of this add-on. It displays the duration which lets you know at what time you have closed the tab. This tab manager offers you the facility to retrieve the closed tabs and lets you reopen them instantly. Not only that it offers you an search field in which you can search through the history of closed tabs and find your desired tab.

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TabJump is a free tab manager Chrome extension that intelligently navigates your tabs so that you can easily access frequently used tabs, associated/related tabs and closed tabs. This intelligent tab manager lets you lock your desired tab. It basically offers you three columns namely,: Undo, Related, and Jump. Undo displays the entire list of closed tabs, Related shows the list of those tabs which are related to the site that your are currently using, and Jump displays the list of all the open tabs that are frequently used. It’s quite intelligent as it brilliantly organizes your tabs acquiring limited area. Get this tab manager to intelligently organize your tabs.

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