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LightWorks is a free professional movie editing tool that allows the user to edit, trim and add effects to the videos. Lightworks is being touted as the most latest and advanced video editing software available. Also it is the Academy award and Emmy award winning professional grade editor.

This free professional video editing tool, having as much as 20 years of experience in the film and broadcast industry, is said to have cut some of the famous Films in Hollywood such as Pulp Fiction, Departed, Shutter Island and Centurion. And to add to this list, the  recent Oscar winning movie, The King’s speech was edited with this free video editing software. Surprisingly, this video editor is still available for completely free.


Lightworks includes a comprehensive set of features and tools that enable the editor to include a wide range of effects, trim the media and manage it, add secondary colors etc., With its advanced effects pipeline and real fast workflows, LightWorks is one of the most advanced Editing tools available currently.

If you are looking for simple video editing software, you can try AVS Video editor, or Avidemux. If you want to mix audio tracks, you can try Myna

LightWorks has been designed to work with various versions of Windows Operating systems such as Windows 7, Vista and XP.  The full installer file of this freeware can be downloaded from LightWork’s official website. The size of this freeware being 41MB, it can be downloaded and installed easily. This freeware requires ‘Matrox VFW codecs’ to run. These can also be downloaded from the website. An installer guide is available for assisting the user. Other hardware requirements include


  • Intel
  • AMD

Graphics Media accelerators:

  • ATI

Some of the Remarkable Features of LightWorks Movie Editing Software are:

  • Real-time Effects: LightWorks  enables the user to add real-time effects, thanks to its GPU effects pipeline. Video scaling systems, color correctors to change the primary and secondary colors effect layering etc., are available and all these can be done real fast.
  • Format support: LightWorks provides unmatched support to a large number of media formats such as Quicktime, MXF, AVI, REDR3D, DPX,  Avid DNX HD , PRO REX to name a few among many others. Transcoding while importing the videos is not required.
  • Intuitive: LightWorks is so intuitive and fast so that the user can spend more time previewing the edited videos rather than navigating through the menus and features on the editor tool. A great interface with a user friendly tool set makes this possible.
  • Instant save option: The editor can save the changes as and when they are made. This makes it possible to save every keystroke that the user makes. Further the user can also backup the videos that are edited and resume the editing process at a later time, right where he left.
  • Stereoscopic editing: Lightworks boasts about the introduction of stereo video track to automatically synchronize the left and right eye media files in the background. Now the editor has the convenience of editing the media in any stereoscopic format, without having to use multiplexed files and more importantly , without changing the workflow frequently.
  • Effortless trimming: LightWorks editor makes trimming effortless when compared to other Non-Linear editor tools available. An autosync feature brings all the media files in sync with the video edited.
  • Media Management: Managing the edited media, moving, copying and consolidating  the files can be done effortlessly using this freeware. The user can rename clips, maintain master clips, add comments and do much more using this freeware.
  • Unmatched I/O support: This freeware provides unmatched support for various I/O devices that will be used during the filming process.  Exporting and importing files of media formats compatible with specific I/O devices is possible while using this freeware

All these features and options make LightWorks, a resourceful tool to carryout the editing process. And the fact that it has been used by the popular editors in various blockbuster movies is a testimony to the excellence of this freeware.

Download LightWorks and start editing your videos in a professional video editing tool.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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