Secure Chat and File Sharing with Dialawg

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Dialawg is free web app for having a secure chat and secure file sharing. You can store and save sensitive information like your credit card number or your financial transaction history. It supports, Outlook , PC and Mac mail clients.

This secure chat service has several tools which enhance your conversation, like reminders or self destruct timers. You can also edit your conversation before sending them to your friends. All in all, Dialawg lets you have secure conversations.

Secure chat and file sharing dialawg

Features of Secure Chat App Dialawg:

  • Free for basic users.
  • Private chat and file sharing platform.
  • Reminders and Self Destruct Timers which give you notifications about your scheduled meetings from time to time.
  • Edit Conversations before sending them for secure chat.
  • Supports all popular operating systems, Windows Outlook and Mac.
  • One GB storage for basic users.
  • No frustrating sign ins for mail recipients, people who receive Dialawgs on their mails, need not go through a lengthy sign in procedure. The registration form is quite short.
  • Superb Customer Support, I have never reviewed a web application with such agile customer support. We appreciate Mr. Colin Mathews, who painstakingly cleared all our doubts and apprehensions regarding Dialawg.

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How to use Secure Chat app:

  • Go to the homepage.
  • Create an Account n Dialawg.
  • Post Login, you receive a mail to verify your account. Click on the link which says Please Activate your Account to have a secure chat.
  • After activation, you are transported to your Dialawg page, where you have to click on New Dialawg.
  • You then land on the messaging page, where you have to type in the email id of the Participant and type in the message in the message box.
  • Click on Add message to send the conversation. This is the initiation of the secure chat.
  • The recipient will receive a mail with a link. Click on the link to receive the message. Though the receiving party has to register on Dialawg to participate in the conversation.
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Dialawg is free web app for having a secure chat and file sharing. Use Dialawg for everything confidential. Try Dialawg Free.
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