Free 24/7 Virtual Assistant to Attend Business Phone Calls, Take Orders

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Goodcall provides you a free 24/7 virtual assistant to attend business phone calls, take orders, and answer general queries. Here this website provides you an intelligent assistant that handles business calls on your behalf. It gives you a free virtual US number where customers and clients can call to order something or get an answer to a query. The virtual assistant comes with a customizable knowledge and skills.

In the free plan, you get free 500 minutes per month and 1 phone number. You can customize the knowledge that the virtual assistant will use to respond to customers. The assistant can handle various tasks such as ordering food, answering queries, taking generic orders, and taking a message. These are called skills, and you can configure each skill in the knowledge. If you want some custom skills for your assistant, then you can make a request for that as well.

Virtual Assistant to Attend Business Phone Calls, Take Orders

Free 24/7 Virtual Assistant to Attend Business Phone Calls, Take Orders

There is no credit card required in order to get started with it. You simply start by adding your phone number and company details. After that, you have to select the voice of your agent. Right now, it supports 3 male and 3 female voices. You can preview them before making them your permanent agent.

Goodcall choose agent

Next, you create a phone number that it will assign to your agent. Enter your area code and then it will generate a phone number for you. And after assigning you a free phone number, it will redirect you to the main dashboard.

Goodcall Dashboard

Now, you can start configuring the knowledge and skills of your assistant. Some modules of the knowledge base are fixed, such as greeting and goodbye. But you can edit and configure others and then enable them. For example, you can configure the “FOOD ORDER” skill and then enable it. In this particular skill, you have to edit the link to your online store where the customer can order food.

Assitant Knowledge

Similarly, you can configure other skills in knowledge base, such as open hours. Specify the schedule for working days and hours. The agent will reply to the customer query based on your opening and closing times.

Goodcall opening hours

Now, you can update the phone number it has given you on your business pages and social media pages. Also update the same on Yelp and Google My Business. After people call on the number, they will run into the agent and the agent will handle their queries and orders. You can find the stats of each call that the agent has received in the “Calls” section. There you can see the conversation flow as well as any message that customer left.

Goodcall Call Log

In this way, you can use this smart virtual agent to handle your business calls. The agent works as intended and precisely records customer’s messages and requests. Just configure it once and then let it handle everything on its own.

Closing thoughts:

Goodcall is one of the best free virtual assistants that you can have. The free plan is enough for a small business, but if you want to deploy more number of agents then you can try one of the paid plans. I liked the fact that you have options to choose multiple voices from male and female agents. Also, the skill set is amazing and you can have a custom skill for you by making a request to the developers.

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