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Shutterstock Tab is a Chrome extension to customize the new tab page of your Chrome browser with Shutterstock images, time, weather, recently visited sites. With every new tab that you open in your Chrome browser, you will be greeted with a beautiful picture from Shutterstock’s collection. Apart from that you will also see the current time and the weather for the day. At the bottom right of this new tab, you will see all your recently visited sites.

The below screenshot shows the new tab page of my Chrome browser after installing this extension.

shutterstock tab home1

Installing this extension is pretty easy, like with any other extension of Chrome. You can get the link of this extension at the end of this article. Click the link and when you get to the page of the extension, click on add to chrome button. This will add this extension to your Chrome browser. Now every time you open a new tab, you will see a beautiful image and customized page.

There is also a settings option you will find at the top right of this page, from where you can tweak a few settings. A screenshot of this is given below.

shutterstock tab settings

In the settings window, you can choose how the time is displayed either in 24 hour format or 12 hour format. You can also choose whether you want the recently visited websites displayed or not. Apart from that you can change the temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit and can even turn the weather feature on or off. The share option lets you share the link of this Chrome extension with your friends, by copying the link and sharing the link via various methods.

At the top left of the page you will see a search option, where you can search for similar images on Shutterstock by entering a keyword. Also, at the bottom left you will find the title and the name of the photographer of the current image. Clicking on the title of the image will take you to the Shutterstock website, where you get an option to download the image. But you do need to have a Shutterstock account to download an image.

You can also check out other free extensions to customize new tab page of Chrome browser.

The Shutterstock Tab extension is pretty nice, as it turns your new tab page into a beautiful customized page. The images from Shutterstock add to the beauty, as they are high quality, incredible images. The additional information of time and weather make it even better.

I really enjoyed this extension so far, and looking at the images is not bad on the eyes either. If you guys are not using any extension or app to customize your Chrome browser, then do try this extension out, for a non-complicated experience.

Check out Shutterstock Tab Chrome extension here.

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