Route Tracing Software to Diagnose Latency and Packet Loss

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PingPlotter Free is a Route Tracing Software which lets you to Diagnose Latency and Packet Loss from your PC to target Internet address. The program is available in 3 different modes: Free, Standard, and Professional. In the Free Mode, there are some limitations, but you can use it to view your Latency and Packet Loss problem. It shows the exact route from your ISP to Destination IP Address or Website. In its free version, you can view only last 10 minutes log.

This software is basically a replacement for tracert or trace route command of Windows. While tracert gives you the statistics for that moment only, this software gives you continuous real-time statistics in visual form, that can you can export and share.

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How to use PingPlotter Free to Trace a Route:

After installing the program, run it from the shortcut or from Start menu. You can choose from various predefined IP Addresses or Websites or add your own IP Address or Website which you want to check for packet loss. It displays a graph for each packet sent and received for a particular address. You can set the time interval from 0.5 sec to 60 minutes. In other words, it lets you change parameters like number of times to sample, delay time between samples, and also number of samples included in graph before starting the process. It records the information about any packet loss that occurs.

In free mode it checks one website or IP address at a time and lets you test the route between your device and the target website or IP address. It displays the result in real time in the form of graph and in numbers. You can view data about hops, number of counts of calls made, IP addresses in the route, DNS, percentage of lost packets, minimum, maximum, average, and current time, and other useful information in its main window.

To save the Sample Set data for later use, you have to click Export Sample Set from the File menu to save the record in its native PP2 format. Further you can also load the saved sample set file from the File menu by browsing. As you know it in free version does not let you save the record automatically, so you have to save the record manually.

Also you can export the data in the form of image in PNG, BMP, or in GIF format directly or you can copy the data as text and then paste this data in the program like Notepad.

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Final Words:

This PingPlotter Free is a useful software for users who wants to check the Packet Loss and Latency of their Internet connection. Even though the free mode has restriction of recording history for last 10 minutes only, but still this is useful if you are facing a network latency issue then you can use this to troubleshoot and get visual proof of the problem.

You can get PingPlotter Free from here.

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