Free Bible Software with Notes, Bookmarks, Search: Believers Sword

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Believers Sword App is a very simple application that helps you to study the Holy Bible and offer a variety of features. The Bible is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred in Christianity, Judaism and Samaritanism.

This is open source software available for the Windows 64 bit platform and will very soon be provisioned for MAC and Linux too.

Believers Sword App grants access to 8 of the most popular Versions of the Bible and includes all 66 books in each version. The Browsing, Searching and Bookmarking facilities are okay and helps you to study and research the Holy Book.

I took some time to go through the application and would like to share some important features for the benefit of the readers


  1. Interface: The right panel allows you to select the version of the Bible to be used like King James version or American Standard Version while the left panel gives the list of Books (66) in each version like Genesis or Deuteronomy. The Middle Body of the interface displays the verses of the Bible in the chosen book of the selected version(s).

  1. Multiple Versions: You can opt to display books from multiple versions simultaneously. The abbreviation at the beginning of each verse specifies the version from which it has been taken such as KJV for King James Version or WBT for Webster’s bible.

  1. Search: You can search for any word in the entire collection by using the Search facility. To narrow down your search select a certain Version or a specific book.

  1. Bookmark: You can bookmark any verse that you would like to read later by clicking on the bookmark symbol next to each verse.

  1. Clip a Note: The application allows you to ‘Clip a Note’ to any particular verse to note down something that you may have researched about.

  1. General Notes: You can prepare a list of your own notes about your thoughts on a certain verse or book. These are your General Notes stored with the specified date and are not clipped to any particular verse.


  1. The Layout and Screen is far less from being satisfactory. Certain texts do not fit easily on the screen and the Zoom out function doesn’t help much.
  2. ‘Clip a Note’ is not saved if you close and open the application.
  3. Choice of Fonts and Colors is pretty rudimentary.
  4. The application fails to run sometimes and also crashes without any error message


If you are a admirer of Holy Books and are interested in reading and studying the Bible, then this application is fair enough for you but it has miles to go before it can be compared to the other good Bible applications like Olive Tree, Accordance and E-Sword.

Go ahead and download it from here. It will certainly be good for your Peace of Mind and Harmony.

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